Retirement: Not What I Thought It Would Be

by Chris

I worked for 40 years. The last 30 for the USPS. Post Office jobs pay well and offer a pension, but the work is very repetitious and sometimes mind numbingly boring.

My last 18 years I was a custodian at a large Post Office. I took great pride in keeping the place kept up inside and out and received many compliments from customers as well as management. The last 5 years we had some really terrible managers that seemed to try and find ways to harass you and make your life miserable.

As I saw retirement age coming I felt like there would be relief in retiring. And that I should get out before management made me do or say something that might jeopardize my pension.

So, I retired at age 58 with a pretty good pension, but still adjusting to the difference.

Most days I am bored and lately have been trying to find a part time job. Working has been a part of my life for 40 years and it is very difficult having an identity or a purpose without work.

I also am a musician but I live in a small town and have not been able to find a band. I played in several bands while I was employed, but now that I have all the free time in the world I cannot find any musicians.

Ah, the ironies of life...

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Try Senior centers and homes
by: Anonymous

The residents are truly grateful when somebody comes in to entertain them in what is often a life of drudgery.

This could be a win win situation, I don"t know if you live in a big city or small town, but here in South Florida you could, stay busy and more likely than not the families, staff and other visitors would like your work and start offering some paying gigs for parties, anniversaries, graduations, wedding receptions, you name it, the people here do party and hire musicians.

I am still working at my govt job at 66, also have had terrible management conflicts the past few years but I'm not letting them win. They would love to see me retire, but I refuse to give them the pleasure plus I like
the paycheck.

Best of luck to u.

Many can probably relate your dilemma
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MAY

Dear Chris:

Wendy's ideas are great. You can't lose by looking into all of them.

Also if you were that good at your custodial work, you might let friends, family and former co-workers know that you are willing to clean out garages, or storage areas for a fee, a fee that would depend on how much work was involved. And a fee that you would feel good about. Word of mouth travels fast.

I bet that people in your town would love to have you do work for them. Also you could make for yourself a list of what you would do and what you wouldn't do and how many days a week you are willing to give to the work..
Some people would give any thing to find someone like you that is reliable and thorough .

Just a thought. E.

You will find your niche
by: Nancy

Wendy's ideas about music were good ones. I used to be interested in music, too, all my life, but not so much anymore. I played in a community band until my last job, which was extremely busy.

At 58, your health is probably still good enough that you could do almost anything. I've been retired for 4 years. My plans for retirement changed after the first year or so. I found hobbies, which keep me busy.

You will find your niche, and thank you for sharing.

Give yourself to others and reap rewards
by: Sheila

Yes, Wendy is right. That's what I always say to folks who are bored, think of what you enjoy and have the talent for, then start a group or branch out on your own. Giving your time and energy will make you feel fulfilled.

by: Wendy

A few ideas to find musicians to play with:

1) Try -- search in your local area for any groups out there. if nothing, add your own!

2) Any place with "Open Mic" nights in your local pubs? MIght be fun and find new friends?

3) Play at senior centers or homes for fun (and income later once you become known in that community)?

4) My husband plays at FOUR different churches right now... age 61, guitar, and loves it. They are all contemporary services, he plays with many different people, and got into a larger organization from this work.

LOOK ABOUT -- there are many opportunities to PLAY!

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