Retirement - now what?

by Sally L
(McClure, OH)

I am a widow and have gone to the senior citizens center but I don't feel I am ready for jigsaw puzzles and cards for the rest of my life. I have some home projects but need some help.

I worked for 47 years full time. I have 2 cats and love pets. I look young and have a man helping me with home repairs but he's not always available. I plan to put tile on the floors, install blinds and redo the kitchen. Presently trying to remove old carpet.

I live in a small town so it might not be worth it to work part time with the price of gas and paying village taxes.

Any suggestions as to what I can do to keep busy?

I love being retired and not on a schedule but I can't sit still. Sally

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can relate
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

I too worked for 45 years and so relate to your place as I have been here since I retired and done many things all by myself like totally redesign and did all the hard work of landscaping my front and back yard two years ago, and painted the outside and shed of my home, last summer painted teh inside and keep several projects going love animal have a small dog that she and I enjoy our walks.

I too am a young 72 but this causes us often to be a square peg in a very large round hole as I too cannot get into the senior center scene and bingo.

It is a challenge and one after 4 years of retirement still have not fully found a place to fit. I just get up each day thankful for my health and youth and keep moving and pray that one day God will reveal to me how I can continue to live active and happy and connected to others of the same mind set.

It is not easy to find for sure.

by: Cybele

I completely understand your situation because mine is similar. I feel like a "tween, on the other side of middle age.

Prior to retirement, so much of our life was externally driven. Jobs dictated, to some degree, where and when we work and what we work on. Families, organizations had schedules.

Now, we have a blank sheet of paper.

There is a reason many athletes come out of "retirement" after a reasonably short time - they don't know what to write on their new blank sheet of paper and go back to doing what they know how to do - and what they were good at.

I see many women transitioning their mothering skills to "grand-mothering" because they identify with that work and know how to do it. I hear so many single retired men say they are extremely dedicated to grandchildren and children.

I wonder how dedicated they were when they worked. Typically, when we lose something we relied on for so long, we substitute #2 in line to replace #1. For those of us who don't have a default #2 to move easily into the #1 slot, it takes time and some pain - I think - to dig deep inside and find the replacement. To be internally motivated.

Good luck to you. Please share your journey.

Still trying to find a new way of life after retirement
by: Tracy

One of my problems has been trying to find people to do things with. The greatest part of the population in this area are young and so are working all day. Many of the older population are not healthy enough to do too many things.

I too have spent some time doing over parts of my home but now what. I enjoy it, sort of , but not the way I would if there were someone to enjoy it with.

The local book club disbanded for lack of participants. The senior center is as you said, not very stimulating.

In the summer the library runs buses to various flower shows but that's a one day only deal. The going and coming is 3x as long as the flower show so wouldn't want to do that again.

I do a lot of photography in good weather and really enjoy that but so far am doing it by myself. Haven't found anyone else with similar interest.

I sort of feel like I don't fit in any nitch right now and so far haven't found a way to correct that.

Wendy: Tracy, connect with me via the Coaching link (bottom left).

What's New....
by: Marie-annette

Hi Sally,

Welcome to the have read your story, life's a roller coaster ride.....

I do feel somewhat like you with not wanting to play puzzles or cards.....that seems like the norm and for people like us....well there's more to do in our new beginnings....

Just began doing Care giving in my area....and another job just ended it would seem as my patient had to be admitted to hospital. This is when things become more than we can handle and may need other hands to do so.....

The good thing here is that you do your best with tender loving care and leave the rest to God!....
Hence i am open to yet another job, similar i would say, because the hours are convient and the patient is still mobile....

We should always be attentive and have enough time to do what we like most in life now....
I love people, i am indeed a great story teller, I do believe that because i have worn many to speak in my earlier life, i know what it takes to be happy and live life one day at a time, staying in the moment, being grateful for all everything life spills out ....

My little advice here is....Live life, love.....

Retirement - now what?
by: Susan Whittenham

As you're obviously quite a practical sort of lady, why not advertise your handywoman skills around the home to other retired persons in your locality? Even if you do not decide to set yourself up in business as a handywoman, older people always need someone to do those little jobs they just can not manage by themselves!

I know my mother (82) could do with such a handyperson near at hand - so what about your near neighbours?

Now what?
by: Carol K

Hi Sally, it sounds like you are able to keep busy with your home renovations, for awhile anyhow.

Did you have any hobbies when you were younger that you could take up again? Or perhaps try something new. Did you ever try photography? It's great and gives you something to look for and share with others.

I had a dear companion up until three years ago and when he passed I was bereft. However, things are starting to become interesting again.

I've always been interested in photography and with digital cameras and computers things are so much easier. Flowers are especially pretty to snap.

I too have two cats as well as a number of small birds and I love all animals. I watch all the nature shows I can get on TV.

I'm not one for bingo or cards either!

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