Retirement On Hold: Am I crazy?

by I can't quit a lousy job!

I worked at a big company for some 35 years until a new boss came along, then the 10 of us old-timers were deemed to be 'too old' and were shown the door with a so-so severance package.

The older ones went on pensions. I, being the youngest, in my mid-50's, was lost. Couldn't find another job as other companies found me too old/ not have the right experiences/ not a right fit. It was very discouraging.

Kids all grown and I've enough to live on. But I could only go on so many trips before I feel totally useless and a sense that I'm not contributing in society.

I finally found an "occasional, casual, P/T" low-paid job that in fact, is forcing me to work 10 hours a day, even though I don't want the OT! No choice! It's very physical and I could barely manage the work load.

But it's the only place that would take me on, in my late 50's! I am afraid to quit as it took me 2 whole years to find a firm that would take me!

As someone who used to juggle 2 jobs many times in my life (many kids and husband didn't make much), I'm totally lost without paid work.

I'm basically afraid of 'no work, no entity, no use in life...' (psyche issue, I know...) I’m hoping that when I turn 60 this year, I’d be in a better frame of mind to finally quit for good.

Am I the only one with this kind of issue here? My kids think there is something wrong with me ---they want to chip in money to pay me to quit before I hurt myself working like a maniac! (I wouldn’t let them.)

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Retirement On Hold: Am I crazy?
by: I can't quit a lousy job!

Thank you for all your wonderful advice and comments! I've read them all!

Now, a little update: I studied part-time (upgrading and refreshing courses) like mad and was able to obtain a much better job 1.5 years after working at my debilitating and demoralizing old job.

The new one is only a casual position, but I have time now to enjoy my hobbies and life in general! and I've just turned 60, dyed my hair bright red and my family and friends love it!

I love my semi-retired life!

by: Anonymous

Try going to your local community college! Take one or two classes! Going to school gives structure to your week. You will meet interesting new people, and you will.learn a lot. You may even have homework to keep you occupied!!

retirement blues
by: mildred/tn

I retired at age 56 but had to reinvent myself which was hard.. I finally saw a psychiatrist who said for me to go back and search my childhood as to what made me happy.. I did. I loved dolls and babies.. I took a doll making class-it was fun but not something that I would want to do all my life.

I took Foster Parenting Classes. I ask for babies only to care for.Babies love unconditionally. They expect nothing. I had 8 at different times.Then I got a 6 day old infant boy and at age 60 I was able to adopt him.He needed speech,occupational,physical therapy. Counseling thru the years.

He has had 100 surgeries on his left ear. He is now 18 and I am 77 but what a life we have had. I needed him and he needed me.

God has a plan for all of us.

I Feel the Same Way!
by: Carrie/ Texas

Maybe it's because we "retired" in our fifties, but I immediately felt the same way. I felt like I still needed to contribute to society. It's what my parents instilled in me so long ago.

I found a part time job tutoring, which was just what I needed so that I felt connected and like I was contributing still. That job ended, but fortunately I found a part time online teaching job. Let me tell you, it took me about three years to find this second job. I looked constantly while I was tutoring.

I know it isn't easy to find jobs for people our age, but with a little persistence it can be done. My kids understand my need to have some sort of job. I'll keep working until I no longer feel the need!

Everyone is different, just do what you feel is best for you, and don't give up the job hunt if it's what you really want to do.

by: Wendy

There is much more you can do without work.... especially if they aren't appreciating your time.

Consider what you really like to do...

Gardening? Volunteer with a local garden cub to do community service in this field.

Reading? Write book reviews online, Read to kids at the library (story time), start your own Lunch Bunch Book Club.

Think out of the box a bit, consider your skills and things you love to do... then see what's out there.

Search Google: Senior Citizen Volunteer, or Senior Citizen Job... click on a few sites and enter your zip code and see what pops up! You might just be lucky and find something FUN to do!

Best Wishes!

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