Retirement Panic

by Susie

I just retired three weeks ago.
First week okay.
Second week not so okay.
Third week actually sick.

Got days and nights turned around. Have so many things I’d like to do around the house and yard. BUT it’s like I’m frozen.

Not ready for a part time job yet. Don’t know if people hire 66 year old people anymore.

I’m supposed to enjoy retirement but so far in only three weeks I’m in almost a panic!!!

I was ready to retire. I was WANTING to retire. Now I wonder if I should’ve kept going. I was in a stressful job so I thought I could leave, no problem.

I’ve just made an appointment with my physician to see if this is normal or am I crazy.

After reading some of these articles I have hope. But today I still feel weird.

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So tired..
by: DT

I’m panicking and haven’t even retired yet! I am set to in three months. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.

I need to leave my job, the stress is killing me, and I can't find no motivation to look for a new one in my 60’s.

Yet after so many years of working I find it hard to relax on a Saturday without feeling guilty about not doing something. But at the same time I seem to have no motivation to do anything, and am just exhausted all the time.

Not sure what I’ll do come January.

Wendy: You will chill out in January. You will sleep and get caught up there. THEN day by day!

3 weeks - me too
by: Anonymous

I retired 3 weeks ago also and find myself very anxious, especially in the morning, trying to figure out what to do with my life now.

I quit my position due to burnout and stress and wanted to give myself time for r&r but am having a hard time doing that.

Based on other comments (thank you for those) sounds like patience is needed to get through this transition. Hang in there!

Retirement panic
by: Ira

It's been almost 2 months since I retired at 62 1/2 from career burnout and anxiety. I have been waking up with morning panic attacks even when I have a plan for the day. Is this normal?

I have no desire to go back to public accounting. The past two years were hell for me with my burnout and extreme. Anxiety at work.

I also think about money even though I have spent a great deal of time planning a budget before I actually retired. Worries about not having enough even though I should be relatively ok.

I have a daughter in college as a junior and a son as a high school senior. I have money set aside for both their colleges with no problems so that isn't a money issue.

Why. Am I still worrying about money?

Can Totally Relate
by: Anonymous

I felt the same way when I retired in Dec....about 3 months ago. Don't miss the job stress but struggled with other aspects.

I am just now feeling an inner peace about my decision. I am enjoying keeping my 3-yr-old grandson during the week. I agree with others that it takes time to adjust.

Wishing us all blessings in retirement!

It gets better everyday
by: Anonymous

It took me 3 months before i was able to not have a panic attack each morning...its been 3 years now..i am ok an have come to realise there is life after retirement..just hang in there..

Been there
by: Mark M

Just to ease your mind this so very normal. The first week I couldn’t wait for my wife to go to work so I could sleep my time away.

After 45 years of getting up at 4.30am and returning home at 6.00pm I felt so lost - all my identity of helping others left my soul. Displaced - was hoping that I didn’t see or hear from co- workers asking me the stupid questions. Now 6 month later yes I would rather be interacting more but that happens in time if you give yourself permission to be happy.

As they say time does heal

You are not alone
by: Nancy

I was a year and half into retirement when I found Wendy. I strongly recommend you take Wendy up on her offer of an online chat. I had a miserable last year of work and first year of retirement. Then I found this site. Before I found this site, what helped me most was talking to other retirees. Which didn't happen often. Now there are lots of people here in the same boat. I wish you all the best!

You ARE Normal. You are not alone...
by: Wendy,

Susie --

Totally normal, feeling weird that is... when did you ever have the opportunity to do nothing before?


Give yourself time. No rush to jump into anything. BUT do get out of the house. Do breakfast or lunch out. Meet friends out. Go to a local park, community activity, art class -- just don't melt into the couch. THAT is never good.

Kudos for the doctor appt...

Use the FREE COACH CHAT if you'd like to talk this phase of life out a bit... you are transitioning to a retiree lifestyle. Be Good To Yourself!

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