Retirement Paradise


Searching for paradise....NEVADA, ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA.

Please comment if you live in these states.

I would love to hear from you.
Thank you.

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Think twice about southern AZ
by: Lynne

A bit on my journey: lived most of my life in NE, grew up in Finger Lakes area of NY, school in WNY & Boston, moved to NYC after college, loved every minute of it and a 25 yr career.

Then Key West for phase 2 of life - KW is truly paradise! Opened a business, after 8 yrs it was back to WNY/Rochester due mother's health issues.

Thus began phase 3 - opened a business in small historic village on the Eris Canal. After 10 yrs, my own health issues saw me in Buffalo/Niagara Falls for 2 yrs, then Pittsburgh for 18 mths.

Through odd life quirks & connections I ended up in Tucson 22 mths ago. Unfortunately, not a fan. The heat is unbearable for 7 mths, the time difference a challenge in staying connected to friends and loved ones in Central and Eastern parts of the country, the quality of healthcare is appalling (for top quality healthcare look at the Phoenix area), there's no sense of community and no culture.

I've made an effort, belong to a gym, volunteer 3 - 4 days a wk., joined several groups and have met many people, some quite interesting.

But the heat is beyond what my body can cope with, having dry skin this isn't a good fit. It's so brown here, and dusty! Every surface in the house is constantly covered!

Also, it's not nearly as inexpensive as many believe!

I suggest if you're thinking of moving ask what people DON'T like about where they are. You can always find the Chamber of Commerce view of things; instead find out what really sucks about the area. This was the 1st time I failed to do that, never again!

So I'm planning to go back east - probably central NJ/Princeton, half way between NYC/Philly and on the train line!

Miss 4 seasons, miss green, all the wonderful trees and flowers, etc. I'm probably one of few now doing the Snowbird thing in reverse!!

Where to live in AZ
by: Anonymous

My husband and I always planned to move to AZ when the time was right. Well it's time. I've been doing a lot of research on where to live, but it's not easy.

I keep coming back to Surprise, it has so many amenities and housing stock is plentiful and affordable, but I'm not sure we could take the heat in summer - we've lived in the NE our entire life.

When I look in northern portions of the state, it's mostly national park and Native American land. I've been looking in the Bullhead City area too and found a few homes that could work but not sure of what the area offers.

It seems the southern part of the state has the most to offer, but like I said, I don't know if we'd be able to handle summer heat.

We need to have access to medical care for the both of us including specialists, so that's a top priority on our list. We're not looking for rural living, a housing development close to everything is ideal.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank You

Reno/Lake Tahoe
by: Denise

I live in Maryland. But considering relocating to Reno Nevada. I ski, bike and hike. I spend money yearly to travel to ski. Maryland is not a tax friendly state for retirees or anyone else. Lake Tahoe is a four season resort.

Any information that anyone can share would be appreciated.

So Cal retirement
by: Paul California

The retirement communities in California are deteriorating rapidly, the taxes are outrageous, the crime is rising, homeless and gang related incidents are climbing and our governor spends 90 billion on a foolish train to no where.
California is a giant welfare state and we are paying for it.
Time to get the heck out.....

Retirement Paradise
by: Rhian

Now that I'm getting closer to retirement I spend hours searching on-line for 'The Ideal Retirement Community!'

I find it quite funny since I invariably conclude I'd be quite happy staying in Walnut Creek, California IF only I could pay off the mortgage on my modest condo.

Why stay in California? Well, apart from July and August the weather is pleasant. Easy access to dental and health care, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and two airports. Great place to become self-employed, lots of busy working people willing to pay for services. Endless places to visit and explore! Yosemite, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Death Valley, the beach, mountains, lakes etc

I feel I'm luckier than most since I've lived in the UK, South Carolina, Germany, Kuwait, and four different cities in California.

At the end of the day, no place is perfect but if there's a compelling reason for me to live somewhere then that's my 'paradise' for however long I'm there.


Thank you for your input Elizabeth.

I agree that weather and expense are my main focus... besides having a place where seniors are welcome.

I'm considering Florida also....
"The Villages".

Retirement Paradise
by: Leigh

Hi there Elizabeth/Spokane,

I presently live in Colorado, I grew up in California, and have spent a lot of time in Nevada.

Having done so, here are just a few of my offerings that may give you some insite when retiring.

In Colorado and Nevada, you definitely deal with weather issues (in winter) soooo, if you have arthritis (meaning pretty severe arthritis) you may want to be somewhere else during the winter months; Nov thru Feb.

Colorado's altitude adjustment (if on oxygen )or have any breathing issues need to be considered.

I've been back to CA many times and simply can no longer deal with the smog, crowds of people everywhere (except in northern quieter communities). Lifestyle expense as a senior. Basically, too many people, not enough space for our liking.

My son lives in Tucson, we visit twice a year and are seriously looking there. It "feels" calmer and has a "more relaxed atmosphere". We are looking to some of the outlying smaller communities. I know It's hot in the summer month's, we may come back to Colorado or just deal w/it because warmer feels better than colder the older we get.

Nevada, doesn't seem to draw any particular interest for us, I know there are many, many, quiet communities not just Las Vegas or Reno. The weather is still a factor for us there.

Looking for Paradise
by: Elizabeth/Spokane

I would recommend Arizona - especially Southern Arizona. I grew up in Tucson. Lots of retirees there and lots to do; however it is becoming a larger city, and may be too crowded for some. It is a beautiful place.

Approx. 40 miles south of Tucson, is Green Valley. All retirees. Nice houses, nice whether, nice folks. It has stores, a post office, and different churches, too.

I would not want to live in California - it costs too much, and they are running out of water.

I would not want to live in Nevada, either.

Me too!
by: Missy in North Carolina

Hi Goldie,
I am interested in New Mexico, Arizona or Colorado. Been checking out the benefits, weather and Health Care. I'm hoping for a change. Hope you can touch base with native sons and get the info you need.

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