RETIREMENT: Ready or not, here comes my next chapter...

by Mary

I retired six weeks ago. I am not depressed; actually feel real good about it.

However, I have taken so many naps. A lot of sleeping. It seems I am very tired after 30 years working. Have also lost almost four pounds.

Could this have to do with less burden?

Don't know where I am headed but am trying to learn how to "live in the moment." Never did this before!!!

Have meditated everyday. This does feel good in ways I can't explain.

Looking forward to wherever it's all leading me.

I paint. Maybe I will be famous.

Wendy I HAVE that same peace, and I'm meditating a bit too, after 36 yrs of employment, I too want to stop and smell the roses some..,

Happy Retirement, MARY!

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Loving my new Post-Work-A-Day World!!!!
by: Merlin

On December 30, 2010, at 63, I will be completing 1 yr of my new Post-Work-A-Day World; and it was absolutely the best decision I have ever made to date!!!

I had a very intriguing and involved Electronics/Computer Field Service career of 43 years with many opportunities for creative work and input, and also world-wide company travel.

In so many ways God has richly blessed me!!!

I will always have good memories of the many customers, fellow employees, employers/bosses I was privileged to know and work with or work for.

Life is FUN!!!

I am enjoying my Siberian/Alaskan Huskies and Maine Coon Cats. It is very easy to meet new people and to make new friends when my kritters provide such easy and interesting introductions.

I am also expanding my Old-Timey/Folk/Bluegrss Acoustic Music playing on Acoustic/Dobro Guitars; on 5-String Banjos; on Mandolin and Fiddle; and on Piano.

When I have a desire to go out, I can walk my dogs or take a trip on my motorcycle and enjoy the great outdoors!!!

I listen to the radio or enjoy LP's or CD's or play live music.

The object is to ENJOY YOUR LIFE by putting your whole life into it EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!



Wendy: Woo Hoo! You go Merlin! I'm absolutely thrilled to hear that retirement suits you so well.. me too! You are absolutely right about the pets being an easy topic of conversation... everyone loves to chat about dogs and cats! Thanks for taking the time to share!

Retired, Family Time...
by: Cornelia

Thanks Becky for showing the other side of family time.

Although I read that this is short lived, I feel that with the constant change that life brings us we will have more time to adapt and use the situation to our needs.

Thanks again for your positivity.

Sure needs
by: Cornelia

I am 51 and thinking of retiring. But, before I go on let me thank Wendy and Ready or not, for their input here.

I am not satisfied with my job and my William's Syndrome daughter constantly reminds me that she is at home and asks, "won't you stay home with me today mom?" This is nudging me and it aches me to leave work knowing I don't want to leave her.

The money is not such a big issue as hubby takes care of that department and I only a small part of it. I am willing to let it go.

But, is it a wise decision to retire early?

Wendy: Cornelia, I'm not sure ANYONE can answer that question for you. Some of us love retirement (me at age 55), others simply don't.
You have to look deep into yourself and figure out whats best for you and the family.

Do you have other outside interests, if you retired, so that you would still have a "life" or would you stay by your daughters side, day after day? Is that a good thing (or does it get tedious and you start getting burned out)?

I don't know what Williams Syndrome is... but
you might feel happier being home with your daughter, but you could also feel "lost" stuck in the house every day. It really depends on your attitude.

Retired and Grateful - motto Just say yes!
by: Becky

It helps when you retire, to have a personal goal. Mine is read, travel, play with kids, exercise, keep healthy, live in peace, garden, be social, kayak, golf, help others and sleep til I wake up. Other than that I'm sitting still at this moment.

The chance to retire has been one of the great privileges in my life. All my fears about money and insurance can easily be set aside for a walk with a friend or a trip to see kids.

Visiting my parents. Both are in good health in mid 80's. Staying until I am ready to leave, instead of rushing off to get home and get ready for the work week has been a special gift.

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