Retirement Reflections Appreciated

by matt i

What would we do if we were unemployed ?

Retirement / Reflections really is true unemployment! Instead of unemployment benefits --you get Social Security benefits.

Imagine what you would have done if you arrived at Ellis Island in the 1900 to 1940's. No job, no home, and very little to eat.

If you can't find something to do other than work, at least pick up a book, get on the computer, explore new foods. Gosh in the USA you don't have to leave your home to survive.

Time is an extravagance that only humans are gifted with and no refunds.

A pat on the back is only a few vertebrae removed from a kick in the pants but is miles ahead with results.

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Time is a Gift Indeed
by: Canadian Retiree

Thanks Mat for the "kick in the pants" I like what you said:

"Time is an extravagance that only humans are gifted with and no refunds."

I didn't think of retirement in this way, as a gift of time. Time goes by so quickly it seems.

I was waiting and waiting to be that golden age of 65 and now 66 is just around the corner (Dec) and I can hardly believe it. I want to put the brakes on!

As much as I belly ache about not working anymore and not having a purpose, I do appreciate the good days and good health that I now have after my cancer has been treated.

Thanks for this uplifting post.

How to Invest Time during the Covid19 phase
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

A lot of us now have additional time - so don't waste it!

Personally I've enrolled to do an undergraduate degree online. I'll need to pass 24 subjects to graduate, so at three a year, I've now got an eight year project!

Let's hope Covid19 doesn't last that long, but - maybe - you never know.

Another Time Around...
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Hey Retirees --

Did you catch that?

Time is an extravagance that only humans are gifted with and no refunds.

You have one life. We are gifted with this bonus time in life, full of freedoms and opportunities.

There are no refunds... none. Don't waste your time here on earth!

Learn, Breathe Deeply, Love!

Thanks Matt... good one!

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