Retirement Reflections

by Matt I

It turns out retirement is another chapter of life that has to be experienced to accept just as learning a trade, skill, or college and getting a job to support yourself or to raise a family. Whether you are a blue collar, white collar or casual collar, we are all just occupational athletes no different than sports related athlete.

When we are working, life is like a clock always moving and on time--when we retire life is like a sundial --you have to determine the time yourself without moving constantly.

I would encourage your readers to watch 2 documentaries to get their attention about being so fortunate living in USA.

HONEYLAND AND Agafia The Russian Hermit.

If those 2 films don't get their attention nothing will in my view.

Wendy: First link is Amazon where you can watch for a small fee, Second link is the documentary on YouTube (free).

Comments for Retirement Reflections

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Great recommendations
by: David/Utah

Thanks for your viewpoint and recommending the two films. Both were inspiring, each in their own way. The production of Honeyland was superb. I see why it won so many Sundance awards.

by: Sherry/ NC

Only a strong-willed person could live alone like she does!

I Like Your Analogy
by: Canadian Retiree

I like your analogy of the clock vs the sun dial. I never thought of retirement in those terms.

My life is now at a slower pace than when I was working. It’s been an interesting journey and at times frustrating. I had an emotional breakdown at first but like you say be grateful I live in Canada.

I’m going to check out these movies. Thanks.

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