Retirement Remorse

by Ali

Basically I enjoyed my position as a part time elementary school teacher until our beloved principal was moved to another school. Our new, and younger, principal is a micromanager who holds everyone’s feet to the fire.

After my mother’s death and receipt of my inheritance, I decided I was done. As a teacher, we need to submit our retirement intent by Feb 2 for the next school year. Who knows how they’ll feel 7 months later at the start of a new year?

Anyways I retired, and rescinded it, then retired again. I feel totally out of control not knowing what I am doing. The angst is worse than the anxiety when working.

To compound things, if I had worked another year, my pension would be larger. I feel like I am throwing money away. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to find peace of mind regarding the money?

I can’t sleep with this anxiety and it’s only March. I’m still working until June.

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Try it
by: Kiriann

When I was laid off in my 50s I was so angry because I was losing money due to the fact that I would no longer be contributing to my pension. At the time I had a boss like yours who micro managed. I was so stressed out that my neck was in a permanent knot.

If your employer has hired this vampire trust me they like his management style. After I was retired a while I learned that my manager had been promoted and his management style had infected the whole organization.

Since retirement I have battled cancer and had to have a knee replacement and I am so glad I have had time to do the things I love to do. Had I been sick while working for this workaholic, I might not have healed as well as or as quickly as I did. Then I had to take care of my mom who has dementia. You just never know what will be thrown at you.

I'm not telling you what to do as everyone is different but being laid off was the best thing that happened to me.

I had wanted to travel. I can't afford it. Big deal, I couldn't do it anyway given my circumstances. But I am enjoying my life anyway. There are all kinds of free courses online, I've taken up photography, I support mom...on and on.

Rescind retirement...
by: Alison, NY

I retired with a pension early just like you did. I let the fact that younger millenial co-workers and a much younger boss were introducing new policies and procedures that totally erased the way we had done things for years. Not all of them were bad, and not all new things are better!

So I got out my calculator and decided if I was frugal, I could do it. I retired early. And I have to pay for my own health insurance and every year it has increased.

And I was not prepared for retirement and could not fill my time. I went back to work earning a quarter of what I used to make.

I think about that early retirement all the time. If, like you, I had a chance to do it again...I would wait a bit and just live with the job.

Believe me, my new job has just as many difficulties and I am not making the same amount of money.

You can cry, you can have pity for yourself for a while....this is a big decision. Think about it carefully....

Reply to Retirement Remorse
by: Sheryl/Oregon

Hello from the Pacific Northwest!

Yesterday I attended my dear friends Celebration of Life Memorial. I retired last Nov and she in Dec. She got to take exactly 1 trip with her beloved husband before passing away suddenly.

A few weeks ago she came down with bronchitis. When her breathing didn’t improve she was finally admitted to the ER. 4 days later she died.

Uterine cancer is a sneaky silent disease. For my friend, her only symptom was some slight post-menopausal spotting. By the time she was diagnosed her cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and then finally her lungs.

It was a quick death. She barely had time to say goodbye to everyone let alone collect her first pension check.

I retired for health reasons but also partly because many of my friends have died the past few years. Many of us pushed our retirement dates out further and further hoping to collect a little higher pension. But now I’m disabled and they are dead.

My younger sister is a caregiver for the elderly. Some of her clients have Alzheimer’s and others are in hospice. None of them really care about their pensions.

I read an article in Forbes (of all places) that surveyed retirees in their 80’s about their retirement decisions. Most were either glad they retired at their first opportunity or wished they had.

Retirement is another phase of life that comes with many joys but also challenges. Just as you emerged from the womb to face a whole different world, retirement is a another new adventure. So don’t look back. Remind yourself that at conception, you already won the race and beat out many other sperm fighting to reach the finish line.

Best to you!

Part time
by: Terri/Milwaukee

My area has a website through the school system that allows a person to find a part time job in the schools. They list many different types of employment. I almost got hired as a teacher’s helper but then another job in my old field opened up and I took that.

I would say if you are stressed about losing out on the money, try to unretire. If not, be an assistant or helper in the classroom. Part time is a great balancer. Keeps you active and a part of things.

Good luck.

Work through it
by: Sherry/ NC

You know micro-managing is a form of bullying!

When you initially think of something you want to do; just do a lot of thinking. Write everything on a sheet of paper you can think of about your subject.

Do not act upon it until you have thought it through. If you have a CPA or financial consultant make an appt. and speak with them about it; can you afford to retire? They will tell you what you need to know about your finances before you do anything.

If you want to retire, but cannot for financial reasons, just downsize whatever you have; home, car, etc.
Where there is a will there is a way!


X-tra money
by: Chuck v

You retired. You didn't lose money. You didn't work for it. It's not your money to lose.

I retired in 2008 at 62. If I'd have known it was this good, I'd have retired out of high school. Get our eye off your rear view mirror and look forward. Hobbies, volunteer work, go to school, learn a new trade, sewing, knitting, welding, car repair... anything. Volunteer teach.

You said you got an inheritance, you've got your retirement. How much more do you want or need.

We all occasionally have pity parties. Most know when to end them. Do you?

I have an annuity and SS. I regret taking SS early but I don't need the extra money. I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination but am ok.

Retirement is a job. Getting old is a job. Multitask.

Be internet safe! Enjoy life or try to. Crying towels get old and smelly and collect germs. Get rid of yours.

Time to spread your wings
by: Wee-zer

You are lucky you were able to decide when to walk out the door and not be shoved out the door like so many of us.

You have had a good career with a pension. You will get SS at some point and have an inheritance. It must be time for you to move on if you have given your notice. There is life outside the doors of your employer.

If you are worried about money, downsize to a smaller home. Work on ways to cut expenses. Look for free things to do or inexpensive things. If you can afford to do so, once you retire, plan a vacation.

You didn't mention a significant other so I assume you are single. Can you find a Singles cruise to go on. Investigate Meetups (internet) to find groups of people who are interested in things you like.

Step outside of your comfort zone. You have millions of choices. You could even get a part time job doing something different just to get out of the house. Look into your local historical society, animal welfare, the library, food banks, soup kitchen. Read some books on retirement, read some books on being financially frugal. Make new friends. Grow a few veggies when the weather allows.

Think of this as a new chapter in your life and create new memories. It might be a good idea to start a journal now and record all your fears, pros, cons and as you retire to keep up with the journal.

You might see that over time you have evolved into something like a butterfly!

My Thoughts
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

Sometimes I ask: When is Enough Enough?

Who knows how long you will live and if your pension and funds will last long enough? Nobody -- until life plays itself out. One bad stock market, one illness, whatever and we are better off or worse. Just like the rest of our lives when we worked.

Most public pension systems use years of service as a calculation factor. So every year earns you a bigger pension. One more year? Two more years? When does it end?

You were lucky enough to work a long successful career teaching thusfar with a PENSION (something many don't get nowadays). You are blessed.

Will you lose enough pension that someday you might regret the decision? Maybe.

Will you live longer, live healthier, getting out of a stressful environment? Maybe.

What is your heart telling you? Forget your brains... your subconscious mind is attempting to keep you safe. It is a lifelong struggle to quiet it down so LIFE can surface.

Instead of worry -- New Focus -- March through June:

What will I do after I retire?

Woot! Freedom!

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