Retirement Rules

by Clifford Rothband, Coconut Creek, FL

No matter who reads what I write, I am getting it out.

A lifetime of experiences has brought me to this area where nothing matters anymore. All the lessons learned, the hard times which turned out to be the opposite, and the good times which weren't really so good, were they? Realizing as culture has adapted, these lessons mean little anymore except in my own mind.

We got an odd phone call yesterday, asking if Hospice was doing a good job? The 2 old ladies are past reality. They have there moments in time, all we can hope for are there comfort and cleanliness.

Retirement rules what we do and think, or believe in. I am copying this from memory, I do not know who first wrote these rules. Here goes;

A We do not own all the problems in the world, but we do have an impact.

B It is alright to not know all the answers, so stop thinking so much.

C Make peace with your past, It is over and we can't change it. Don't let it ruin our futures. Use the past as a guide post.

D Who cares what others think of me, It is purely subjective and It is really none of my business.

E My happiness is my own responsibility.

F It is useless to compare your life to others. We are each unique.

G Time heals most everything. Forget about it or at least try to forgive.

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Clifford in Florida
by: Pat from Maryland

Agreed w/ most of your comments, except nothing matters anymore.

I do have a problem w/ anxiety/depression (on a med), now have added apathy to the mix. Rather uncomfortable to say the least.

Some days I really have to push myself to find reasons for doing things; some of which must be done. Is it part of letting go to move on to the final stage of life which is death? But I wonder if you did not mean nothing matters in the same sense.

I am 70 and believe age gets us to the realization that we are but miniscule in the overall, and unknown, scheme of things. Put oneself in proper scale and it really removes a large burden from the mind.

Not that we may go about doing whatever we please, just that all is eventually going to be gone. That to me affords some measure of peace, and helps me tame a portion of the anxiety I experience.

Hard to alter established patterns of thought though. I, and all others, are not as important as we once (in youth?) saw ourselves. Thus live well, in the present and be kind. Sometimes I think that when humans have become extinct, the earth will then begin to heal itself.

Comments On Retirement
by: Ricardo

I have been posting thoughts on this web site for probably at least five years. Actually about a year before I actually retired.

I find it interesting as I view the various comments, both positive and negative concerning the pros and cons of adjusting to a new life. It amazes me that it seems as though people are either very content with their new found freedom and take the "bull by the horns' so to speak.

Others have a tremendous struggle with their new found freedom. I often times wonder as to how individuals dealt with problems while they were in the work a day world. In actuality, at least in my opinion, there is not much of a difference.

If in fact there was a challenge in the work place or problem that needed to be resolved, it was addressed and the next situation was then focused on. I would think that all the skills that ALL of us acquired in life either on the job, or just in general could, and should come into play when dealing with the challenge of our retirement different!

Put those same skills to work that you have spent a lifetime acquiring and focus them on retirement.

We are ALL skilled at problem solving.....PUT YOUR SKILLS TO WORK.....YOU CAN DO IT!

Retirement ROCKS!
by: Wendy

I so agree with your post! Kudos to you!

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to understand the issues you've written about.

You certainly can't change the past, nobody can. And yet, consider all the people you know who do live there... they hold grudges, feel defeated, hold on to whatever it is. Life in the past, is not a good life. Move foward...

We don't have all the answers to life, and never will! But that's part of the adventures of life, right?

Worry only brings a whirlwind in your mind, it harms your physical and mental well-being. What a waste of life, our precious days, when spent in worry that does nothing to move you past it! Right?

Happiness IS our own responsibility. Nobody else can find it for us. We need to do what we need to do... and take care of our business. Life is short.

Yes, we are all unique, the world would be a boring place if we were all the same... and we need to find our own unique retired selves to fell fulfilled during this time of life.

NOW -- having said all that... WHY OH WHY is this ok with you -- "nothing matters anymore"?

Of course it matters. Life matters. You only have one. Yours is running away, day by day, it matters!

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