Retirement Savings Plans... 
After Retirement

The following is a big Retirement-Online Facebook group post on Saving AFTER Retirement. I whited-out all the surnames to protect confidentiality... but just had to show you the sharing going on. As you know, it only takes one persons thought to change the next persons retired world!

Kudos to all who actually save money post-retirement.  WOW.

Last week, a post on Savings was added to the site... save or spend is the topic. Then Susan posted the following question on whether retirees save after they retire on the FB group. I found this really fascinating (hey, I am the retirement nerd, after all).

Just sharing another collaborative effort from retirees to deal with life post retirement -- and an awesome thread full of insights from real retirees who are living retirement today!

Susan C posted: 

"Curious! Since the majority of us are on a fixed income, do you keep adding to you savings account each month? I realize it would depend on each person's situation, but generally, do you put money away each month??"

If you got this far, GOOD for you!  

Adding the link to the American Assn of Independent Investors for anyone interested. This is the site Norma wrote about.... I've never used it, personally.