Retirement Statistics and Aging Seniors

by Wendy



These retirement statistics are from the U.S. Census Bureau: 2010 Census Brief on the growth of the senior population.


In 2010, over 40 million Americans are age 65+. That increased by 15 percent over the last ten years. The Over age 65 group now represents 13% of the total population.

Age 45 – 64

This next group grew by 35 percent over ten years, and represents under 82 million people! Big Wow! We make up 26 per cent of the total population.

This is me, age 56, and smack dab in the midst of the baby boomer population!

Age 18 – 44

To put that into perspective, this younger age group only increased by 0.6 percent - which is 36.5 per cent of the total at 112.8 million.

In the same ten years, the median age increased from 35.3 to 37.2. The increase is due to aging baby boomers and longer life expectancies.

Interesting stuff!

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