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Response to both Anonymous and Nancy
by: Irwin L

Thank you for your kind words about my little blog blurb about - retirement - stay focused and be confident.

This whole blog thing came about as a means for me to write (eventually on a daily basis) and if others were able to find my blog, read the posts there and enjoy them, so much the better.

I am glad that each of you enjoyed my little posts.

And Nancy, I am honored that you are going to include my work within your motivation file.

It all boils down to one thing - once we retire - we need to find something we love as much as we loved the work we were doing - stay focused on that and be confident that everything else is secondary. A content and happy retiree usually also tends to be a healthy retiree.

The upside of that is that usually it is the happy retiree that lives the longest.

Again my many thanks for your kind words - both of you.


stay focused
by: Anonymous

I think you have it all down pat, friend ~ you can do all the things you have told us all about and find happiness doing them ~ I wish you lots of luck and fill that time with good things and then pass them onto others via your Comment!
I enjoyed reading your comments.

Irwin's Article
by: Nancy

Great article, Irwin. I'm going to print it out & add it to my "motivation" file.


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