Retirement Story in Northville, Michigan USA

by Frank
(Northville, MI)

Hello Retirees,

I retired on 1/1/17. I worked 40.5 years with and tier one supplier that manufacturers automotive parts. I spent the first fifteen years in sales positions in five different states. Got tired of the travel and not spending enough time with my wife and two young children. That is when I decided to take a position at our headquarters and work in Product Management and Marketing. For the next 25 years I worked in many different positions managing large product lines. I enjoyed my time working in sales and in marketing.

My former employer had some soft sales at the end of 2016. They offered me a severance package to retire at 64. I decided to take the package because it was a one that carried me to 65 and Medicare.

I have so use to working 50 hours per week and interacting with many work associates around the globe. Now that I have retired I miss the social interaction. I have joined Lifetime Fitness which helps me stay in shape. My wife and I have taken three vacations in the last eight months to Florida, North Carolina and Europe.

I plan to join a golf league once I finish my physical therapy for a bulging disk in my lower back. I also go on fishing trips with my brothers and friends. We have also started to donate our time to helping others with programs in our church. I was raised in a large Polish / German family. A strong work ethic was installed in myself and all of my siblings. I have always identified myself with my work
and my family. Now I have to recreate myself as a retiree and find a purpose to get up in the morning with things that make make me happy.

My wife decided to retire at the same time as myself. After eight months we get on each others nerves at times. We both need our separate hobbies and activities. I guess this is a classic case when a couple retires together.

I need some suggestions from this group on what activities that they have done to make retirement more fulfilling. I am considering taking a part time job for social interaction.

Your thoughts are appreciated.


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by: Steve/Kentucky

My suggestion is to volunteer, join a civic group, take classes, travel, exercise, and get moving.

Expand your horizons and get out of your comfort level and your couch.

by: Anonymous

So basically, you have 40+ hours that you need to fill. You sound like someone whose work life defined who you are, which is why you are feeling restless.

Honestly, with people's life span's increasing, retirement at 65 is not the answer. This is why so many of us seniors get part time jobs.

Women are able to adjust better to retirement because they surround themselves with other women; men do not generally do this, outside a work environment.

I encourage you to start seeking a job that interests you. Scan through sites like and you'll be surprised at what's out there.

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