Retirement Sucks

by Al

Retirement so far sucks big time. Most likely because it wasn't my choice. (laid of from BELL)

So I am desperate to find a new job and taking antidepressants to calm my ass down. I was considering suicide and thinking horrible thoughts. Being retired is not anything I planned on and too bored to stop.

I do hope things improve soon. if you have any words of encouragement, please let me know.


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I Agree
by: LZ

Hi Al. I just retired for medical reasons. I know what you mean. I miss my job & friends at work. I even miss my commute that I complained about daily.

I did my job for about 20 years. I almost made my 20 year award. I had one year & 2 months until 65.

I’m regretting going too early. I feel sick. I don’t think I’m going to make it. I have anxiety. I can’t sleep. It’s driving me crazy. It’s not good. I wish I could go back but it’s too late.

Oh dear. Now what?

retirement sucks
by: Bobbie

try your local hospitals and Dr. offices to see if they are in need of medical couriers.

I will be 81 in 5 weeks and for the past 16 years have worked as a medical courier between our local hospital and a satellite health center.

Love it because it keeps me in touch with younger people (My Dr. is the same age as my older daughter).

I also have umpteen hobbies to keep me busy. Also, car repair places use couriers to deliver to garages, small parts, etc.

Think outside the box.

You WILL get through this
by: Sandy

Al - as someone who knows too well the heartbreak that layoffs cause, I have some advice. First, get past the fact that you got laid off. Whether you grieve about it, talk to a therapist or cry, you need to give yourself time to let go of what happened and remember that it is not your fault. As much as it hurts to be a victim of layoffs, you can't move forward until you let it go.

Then, you need to tell yourself that the situation you are in is temporary - it is not permanent. There will be many changes both good and bad, for you ahead. So, know that many of us on this site have experienced terrible sadness and grief after our retirements (whether they be voluntary or involuntary), but the common theme from those of us who suffered is that eventually we did get past it, we found ways to cope during the difficult times and we sought out ideas to help us. So keep posting on how you are doing.

And there is no shame in taking antidepressants or seeing a therapist. If it helps, do it. And don't forget to exercise, eat right, be in nature and do good for others. It's like a cake recipe - you're just putting all the ingredients together for your cake - you still have to bake it. Good luck on your journey.

I hope you eat cake!

What Is?
by: Joe W.

Another word for retirement is Retirement Lifestyle. What is your dream lifestyle? a recent poster to this group mentioned that he and his wife wanted to get back to a sea & surf lifestyle. And as a result, they built an award winning house that is somewhat isolated but it fit the couples retirement lifestyle.

Joe W.

I Feel Your Pain
by: Linda/Nevada

I am not going to tell you that things will get rosier or better. I will tell you the two things that give me comfort. Karma and fate.

I still suffer from depression and I, too, was laid off from my job two years ago. I am not religious but I strongly believe in fate. The hard thing about fate is that it doesn't reveal its self right away.

I also strongly believe in karma. My employer that laid me off is going through some bad financial times. Their stock price is plummeting on a daily basis and they have lawsuits and government penalties in the millions of dollars. Karma!!

I try to keep up my physical appearance and I exercise as much as I can. It's a hard transition but for some unknown reason you and I and many others have to endure it.

Don't give up
by: Linda CT

There are so many things out there for you to do - come on -- please you where dealt a bad deal but trust me life is amazing -- take it one step at a time and never give up -- think of so many people that fight everyday -- you got this -- give your time to help others -- I am sorry you are dealing with this -- but YOU GOT THIS !!!!!!

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