Retirement sucks

by Marsha

I was laid off forced to retire at 61. And my life has gone down hill every since. I have been sick in and out of hospital. Very depressed.

Loss of income caused my credit to end up very bad. Used my retirement funds to help my two sons.
I felt that my husband and I would be ok on our social security. It would be if I didn't have to purchase my meds.

Yesterday I was ordering my meds and suddenly I found I was in a donut hole. Their way of saying they were going to make me pay for my meds. It is my insulin that I can't afford. If I can't get it I will only have complications and die.

Checked out the drug companies web sites and they will not help if you are on Medicare.

Because we worked all our life's and paid into social security, and never took govt. assistance. We don't qualify for any help now. I am now 68 and getting sicker and sicker.

We don't qualify for Medicaid here in Texas.

Doesn't look like much of a future.

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Retirement Highs and Lows
by: Canadian Retiree

I’ve been retired for over a year now and even though at first I hated it I am much better. I don’t know if I will ever feel totally comfortable with retirement. It does have highs and lows. I can at least enjoy life a little more than I did.

Feeling Lost Again
by: Canadian Retiree

I’m 64 going on 65 soon and retired last September. I hated retirement at first and had a hard time adjusting.

I finally started to find my way in retirement but have had a bit of a set back. I tried going back to work but it didn’t pan out now I feel like a failure.

I’m volunteering a little and taking art classes and piano lessons but they will soon be over. I’ll be back wondering what to do with my life again. I feel like there’s not much scope to my life since retiring. It’s difficult to keep going.

Retirement can suck or be great
by: Jules in Montreal

60 now, forcibly retired at 56 for the stupidest reasons that had nothing to do with competence.

In my previous life, it is practically impossible to get another job due to ageism, but may still get a seasonal gig well below my previous skillsets.

Yeah, retirement sucks if you are not mentally prepared for it. we work all of our lives like crazy people, with not much time to plan in advance, and then, poof, your out.

Pretty brutal when you think of it, so no wonder people have problems adjusting.

It all depends on your baseline character. I know 3 people who are real happy being out of the rat race, wish I could get into their heads and find out their secret.

by: Goldie

I do hope you are able to get the help you need.

by: Maureen in Boston, Ma

I just finished reading your story. My Mom was in the same situation.

One day I went to pick up a prescription for her and I was informed she was in the donut hole also. The med would have cost 1800.00 needless to say she could not afford it so she simply went without the Dr. ordered something else which was 500.00 and this med would take longer to work to treat the infection she acquired while in the hospital.

Another idea would be to ask if your Dr. if they have any samples.

I've also heard that you may contact the drug companies directly to see if they can help.

I hope something works out for you I pray this gets worked out.

Have you contacted --
by: Char / TX

Help in Texas for seniors in need.

Dialing 2-1-1 is a free, easy way to find out about services you can get in your area or through state programs.

If you can't connect to 2-1-1, call us toll-free at 1-877-541-7905. You can also visit the 2-1-1 Texas website (link is external) to find the phone number to your local 2-1-1 area information center.

You may not be able to connect to 2-1-1 if:

•You are calling from outside of Texas.
•Your cell phone won't dial 2-1-1.
•You use voice-over-IP (use the Internet to make calls)

by: Loyce

Ask for help from your sons and family that can afford such. Take care of your needs first/foremost and ASK for help from those you have assisted.

by: Wendy

Talk to your doctor and tell them you can't afford the meds. Maybe there is another cheaper brand? Maybe they can help secure help? Tell your kids... maybe they can do some research to find help for you?

Sad that you helped your kids with retirement funds... yikes! They are still able to earn a living, unlike you. I pray they help you back now, but betting they won't or can't. Yikes #2!

My folks pay for a Blue Cross/Blue Shield prescription plan, and it's not cheap... but it makes their prescriptions affordable.

Sending hope your way...

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