Retirement Sucks

I retired in 2018 age 66. Biggest mistake of my life. Retirement sucks.

I wake up every morning asking myself what the hell do I do today. I spread the housework out over an entire week just so I have something to do each day. Kitchen on Monday, DR on Tuesday, etc. I am still left with hours and hours of nothing to do.

Get a hobby people tell me. I'm not interested in anything. I don't care about people so forget about reading to the elderly. Couldn't stand working with animals as it would depress me too much. Knitting, pottery, book club, work at home (surveys! yeuk - I hate these calls), painting, crafts - forget it. None of this interests me.

I am so ready to die! I hope and pray I get cancer or something so I know that the agony of being bored will be over soon.

I don't know how people enjoy retirement. It's the worst time of my life.

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Retirement Does Suck
by: JoAnn/Eastern Tennessee

Before I retired, I had so many hobbies that I either enjoyed or had an interest in delving into. Now that I have the time, I'm no longer interested in any of them.

It's seems like since I'm no longer pressed for time, I don't have the drive to maintain any interests.

I'm sure it doesn't help that I have less physical stamina, and I'm lonely because my friends are all passing away. I don't have the joy of connections.

It's not easy forming connections at 64 while living in a rural area. I'll never have people in my life with a shared history.

different for everybody
by: Jules

I am also one of those who is also bored stiff in retirement and I never even thought about that angle before.

I was actually sort of looking forward to retirement not because I did not like my job, but the career was full of instability and would be happy getting off of the merry go round so to speak.

I finally went back to work on contract and seasonal basis in the same job I was doing, but my work has age limits and age discrimination strings attached. I am still bored even with seasonal full-time work. I will most probably go into part-time entry-level work moving forward.

Having said that, it all depends on your personal profile. To my astonishment, at least two of my former colleagues are quite happy doing bugger all day long!

Agree except the cancer part
by: Ron Johnson

Wife retired and wanted me to retire.
Biggest mistake of my life, sitting around watching life go by.
Found one positive thing to do a week otherwise just sitting around.

I feel physically fantastic

Have $$ to travel but the wife doesn’t like to fly, she doesn’t like to go out or spend money (have plenty) on vacations.

Retirement Sucks

Cancer sucks
by: Canadian Retiree

I hate using the term "sucks" but after reading the post from the guy who wishes he would rather die than be retired I can only say "be careful what you wish for ".

I’m a breast cancer survivor and glad to be here. The chemo and radiation treatments were horrible. I hated losing my hair- all of it. I hated the weekly blood tests and Chemo treatments. Being poked weekly with a needle is no fun. The radiation was just as horrible as it sounds. Getting zapped by radiation beams until you look like you have a bad sunburn is no picnic. I’m sure no one would wish for cancer.

I had a rough time adjusting to retirement and still miss my job at times but I survived cancer and I’m still here!

Sure retirement can be boring at times but it beats the alternative. I’m finding things to do like art class, piano lessons and volunteering. I’m sure things will get better.

Retirement Sucks
by: Mary/ California

My dear retiree,

I did get cancer and I thought I was going to die. Then I realized after retiring and wondering what the hell I was going to do, I decided that I wanted to keep living and enjoying what life I had left.

Finding your niche can be difficult if you don’t already have hobbies or interests but I promise you there is no one that don't have some kind of interest no matter how small or ridiculous.

Challenge yourself and take a trip alone, get to know yourself, dare yourself to make a new friend, you will be surprised how many activities senior centers offers.

You want to die? visit a hospice center and see how you feel after that.

Join a book club, a movie club, walk to the same donut shop everyday and have donuts and coffee and read the paper, anything but giving up the precious gift of life.

Retiring was very traumatic for me and I experienced a serious adjustment disorder but I got through it and I looking forward not back.

Please hang in there.

Part Time work
by: Anonymous

Because of the intensity of your anxiety, do you think returning to work on a part time basis would edge off some of the anxiety?

I know exactly how you feel...perhaps something that's only two days a week just to provide a measure of structure.

by: Rob in Colorado

This post really made me so be able to retire is a blessing and a wonderful opportunity to find out who you are without the background noise of a full time job.

To whine about not having anything to do and that you don't like this or that and then to suggest that you would welcome a case of cancer is absurd.

How about volunteering at a hospice so you can begin to appreciate people who are actually fighting for their dignity through incredible pain. GROW UP!

To: Retirement Sucks
by: Anonymous

Wow, you have all the classic symptoms of severe depression. This is coming from a forced retiree and 3x cancer survivor.

If you ever had to go through procedures of multiple surgeries, radiation treatments, wearing a bag for months you would understand and appreciate waking up feeling well is a blessing. You are apparently physically well but need help for your mind.

See a therapist or call one of the hotlines today.

by: Craig/Minnesota

No, you do NOT want to get Cancer --especially not to get away from your boring retirement. Take it from me, a Cancer survivor, when I say that you do not wish for Cancer. Be careful what you wish for.

I have to admit defeat when it comes to trying to understand all of the unhappy retirees that post remarks here. You see, I looked forward to retiring and have loved every minute since I happily left the office.

Different strokes for different folks, OK, but wishing for Cancer? Well, trust me, Cancer is certainly not boring. It keeps you involved 24/7.

Ready to die?....
by: Leaking Ink

I know that you are just venting your frustration about being bored in retirement, but boredom can be fixed.

Time to get out of your head and meet people. That will take some action on your part though, and you will have to force yourself to get out and meet people every day. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Games are just one way of getting out of your head. There are many others. Go to your Senior Center (or elsewhere) and PLAY. Focusing on the strategy of the game (in this particular instance) and being with other people, will help you get out of your head. Go for the social part of it, if nothing else.

I think the biggest problem with retirement is that people have forgotten how to play. I, hereby, give you permission to play without guilt.

Think positive!
by: AbbyAz

It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to do after working for over 35 years. I discovered my past interests and activities I had put on hold when juggling family and career.

I am passionate about going movies during the week, and participating in community theatre acting and volunteering. Things that are meaningful to me. I love spending time with my family that live out of state.

Yes, there are moments that are lonesome and when nothing seems interesting to do but I wouldn't trade retirement for the world.

Give yourself a chance to blossom into the next chapter of your life. Good luck.

by: Jan/Idaho

Wow,I know it's kind of a cliché, but you sound really depressed. I understand because I am a lot like you, but come on, hoping for cancer is a bit much.

I also am not much for hobbies or volunteer work and I prefer my own company, but I have decided that just like anything else, you get of your retirement what you put into it.

First see your doctor about depression. Once that is sorted out, make yourself do a few things you are uncomfortable with.

Exercise a few days a week, even if it's just walking. If you don't have a dog consider rescuing one from the nearest shelter. It will give you something else to think about besides your dislike of retirement. You may find out that you are the one being rescued.

Hang in there. It was probably close to a year into retirement that I finally began to really enjoy it.

Retirement is a Long Pocess
by: Liz / Delaware

It is extremely hard to change your life 100%, which is what happens in retirement to most people. I had a difficult time transitioning to retirement after being laid off almost 2 years ago.

I thought most of my difficulty was because I didn't get to choose when I retired. I was upset over the lay off for quite a while, but then I realized my biggest challenge was figuring out what was next.

It reminds me of when I graduated from college and spent the first several years changing jobs until I finally landed on the right career for me.

I am giving myself permission to try new things and telling myself it's ok if I quit something because I don't like it. That's a new thought process because in the past I equated quitting to failing.

I'm also in the process of adjusting to my new limitations as I have a progressive arthritis condition that is limiting my mobility. So I have to fight hard not to get depressed or anxious.

The thing that's helped me most with that is my faith. I know that it may take some more time until I feel like I'm truly adjusted to retirement and in the "swing" of it, but I am happy with the progress I've made so far.

Your retirement sucks
by: Joan

I’m so sorry that your retirement isn’t what you hoped. It sounds like you are depressed and maybe could talk to your doc about it.

Please DON’T hope and pray for cancer. I am recovering from my second cancer in two years and this time has been very difficult. I know all the pain I’ve been experiencing since my huge surgery in May is nothing compared to what other cancer patients experience but I can tell you mine has been a nightmare.

Maybe you could volunteer to sit with a cancer patient to keep them company for an hour a week and that may help you to not hope for cancer.

I know depression is horrible and I only wish you good things. Please talk to someone so you can feel better.

by: Doris

Thank you for venting - I agree with everything you posted.

Three years later for me and I am the most miserable I have ever been in my entire life. All of the suggestions about hobbies, volunteer work, etc., do not do it for me. I have totally lost my zest for life.

Wow! I was alarmed by your outlook......
by: Indiana

You are going through depression. Please see a doctor. There are many ways to beat it as I have suffered with depression for years and have to keep it in check.

Life is Gods greatest gift and you have so much more time left to enjoy it! I am a widow of 23 years and am still working three jobs part time.

I often worry about fulltime retirement and my answer is NOPE! I will work as long as my health lets me.

I hope you can pull out of this soon. You are a viable part of our lives and Im sure many people care about you including me!

Take one day @ a time
by: Bill

Give retirement a chance by taking one day at a time.
Give love and thanks for good health and a great
wife and family✔️

Gift of time
by: Wee-zer

Wow, you sound miserable.

Why can't you find joy in anything? Have you asked yourself that question?

-- Comment moved to it's own page. Way to powerful to be used here with so many other comments and lost!

Response to "Retirement Sucks"
by: Gordon G.Kinghorn

Having just read this recent appraisal of retirement by a most disaffected individual, one possibly in a state of psychological imbalance, I would strongly advise that he seeks the services of a qualified counselor to advise and subsequently steer him back towards reality.

As one has recently bade farewell to a long-standing retired colleague and golf buddy of mine, one who recently succumbed to the horrors of pancreatic cancer, after a desperately short and agonising battle, no one in their right mind, therefore, could ever wish for such a hellish fate to ultimately claim them.

My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our retirement years and looked forward to many more together, tragically, this is no longer the case, if it were within my power, I would reverse the status quo and give to God the disgruntled and disagreeable remains of this man who wishes to die as he fails to embrace the logical sequence of life and all that it beautifully contains, a great solution, I would have returned to me my golfing partner and Mr. Myopic would finally be put out of his misery, sparing us all the arduous task of having to read an obituary on someone who remains alive, albeit a member of the living dead.

Interested in what?
by: Michael Hertel

You did not say what you did for work do you mind telling us?

Sounds like you need a purpose, is there nothing you would like to do to help humanity?

I am not working and have cancer, it is no fun.

I still want to do something or I might not even fight.

Peace to you and yours.

Retirement sucks
by: Elna Nugent

Dear Retirement:

Wish we knew your name.

Did it ever occur to you that you were born into this world for a reason...and that you had certain things to learn while you were here?

Did you like the years in which you were working and do you have close relatives that live fairly near you?

When you were young, very young ,were there things that really turned you on...and did you ever dream of what you would most like to do when you grow up.
Now may be the time to really thing about them?

Retirment Sucks
by: Carol, Canada

I was like that at first too. Had no idea what to do with myself. had lots of things to do but no motivation to do them. Still haven't done much on my list.

I got sick right away, stressed over being retired and was sick for 7 months, still recovering. I am getting more used to it now but I still feel aimless most of the time and then I just sleep a lot. Take long naps. I do have a dog and I walk him 2 hours a day. In the summer there is lots of gardening to do as well. But the winter is depressing for me.

Just find something you enjoy and do it a lot. I read, do crosswords, play Scrabble on line and I also have a little hobby on the computer. So that's what I do most of the time, plus watch some TV.

After 7 months I started visiting old friends I haven't seen in years and I did enjoy that. Sometimes I wished to die too, so I know how you feel.

Do you have a husband? Someone to do things with? What about kids? Mine live far away and I visited one daughter and will visit the other one next year. Also taking a trip to Arizona to visit one sister there. So I am trying to keep busy. Still have bad days.

Nice retirement
by: Donna, Augusta, Mo

I know exactly what you are dealing with. It took me a good year to get it.

I was like you task oriented my whole life. I was an RN 37 years at a trauma hospital.

What now? Then I began making a list of my new found freedom. I was off every weekend no holiday worries. If the weather was inclement I didn't have to worry about getting out in it.

The transition for me was gradual. I met people in my community. I set a goal for myself if I was invited to something I went. I began playing Pickleball in my community, started Silver Sneakers aerobics at YMCA , started water aerobics. Keep up with last coworkers.

I am 65 now been retired 3 years. Someone on this site wrote that retirement is the next stage of life and it's up to us to figure out just like graduating starting careers.

You will figure it out. Keep looking. Using your problem solving skills.

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