Retirement - The Best Time Of Life

by Patricia Murphy
(SW Michigan)

80th Birthday-loving every one of 'em!

80th Birthday-loving every one of 'em!

Seriously, so something hurts once in awhile. So what? Take an Aleve and get on with life.

You've reached an age where you can do what you want, not do want you don't, have a bit of monthly income without having to get up and head out to earn it every day (you've been there, done that),can sleep late, eat whenever you want instead of the regular old breakfast, lunch, dinner times.

Watch TV whenever you like, play on the computer, exercise what ever way you can-if you're smart-to keep this lovely life going.

It's a dandy time of life and I'm loving every minute of it.

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Great Attitude
by: Sherry/ NC

You go girl. I like your attitude. Our mind controls us!

Recent post
by: Irwin

You are so right Patricia. I turn 80 this year and feel the same way. Enjoy!

Happy times
by: Anonymous

Hi, I love your message. Y ou are definitely correct.

The joyful thoughts are what give you a happy life. Complaining does you no good. No matter your situation *unless you are in a lot of pain perhaps* you can enjoy the getting up when you want, doing what you like, walking (maybe pets) other exercise, calling on friends and neighbors, listening to music, perhaps playing or learning a musical instrument, time is your friends.

Thanks for your positive comments.

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