Retirement: The world is waiting for you

by Tom Z

After retirement is the time when you can look for doing all the time what you always wanted to do, all your life.

Think of two things at first: are you worried about your after retirement financial position? Or, are you missing the warm friendly atmosphere at your work place?

If your answers are ‘yes’ to both the questions, then here is a suggestion: may be you're wasting a lot of time gossiping with friends which can be utilized to earn some money. You can still form your own group of retired people who are meaningfully engaged.

There is another aspect to retirement. If you have retired from a position of power, then you have no authority to drive people anymore. This can be a very shocking thing and would lead to severe depression. Unfortunately, there is no sure-shot remedy to this kind of situation. Maybe you should reflect on the reason as to why you need people to be at your command.

The greatest power is to be yourself no matter what. You should be able to keep yourself amused without bothering anybody.

In fact, others get attracted towards the power of your mind which is independent of people, their opinion and their company apart from their money.

Be with your hobbies so that you spend all your time in it. It can be either painting or gardening, if you so want.

Just make your balcony a place of green and productive. Eat salads of what you produce. Observe how the plants respond. Be the mentor of your grandchildren. Listen to them, as they need somebody to be close to them while the parents are away. If you do not have your own, then you can develop friendship with neighboring children or join a crèche so that you can spend time with children.

This is an invaluable contribution to society, as young minds are becoming increasingly lonely in today’s world.

Where is depression, man? There is so much social responsibility you have once you retire.

The world is waiting for you.

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Snap out of It !!!!!!!
by: Deb

All I seem to be hearing from these retired people is complaining. Get out there and help someone! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be a volunteer.....there's nothing like giving back. I think it makes you appreciate the many blessings life has given you.......

by: Anonymous

One of the most interesting things that retired people can do is to become volunteers. There are so many organizations and so many fields of knowledge where you can make a difference.

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