Retirement: Time is going too fast

by michael cullip
(ont canada)

Since I retired I find it hard to find things to do, I have a very small pension so I am quite restricted as to the things to do. Even so I find that time goes very fast.

A week then a month are gone in a flash. I have been retired for five years now and it feels like it was only last year that I retired.

Time just seems to go too fast.

Wendy Yes it does!! Time flies...

At first, newly retired, you aren't used to having time... so it might move slowly. In no time at all, time flies.

I wrote a 2nd year of retirement blog post saying "I lost 2011..." I was here, conscious, I did some work on my website, but I quite honestly cannot point to anything I really DID, an accomplishment, that year!

This is what I kept telling retirees at the Christmas Luncheon this year.... when you work, at the end of the day, after working 8 hours, you stop and grocery shop. You then come home, do dinner, put away groceries and do the dishes, and finally rest for the night.

Retired... "what did you do today?" Reply: "I grocery shopped." I say this like it was a accomplishment, like I should be proud of shopping. Grin! Are you kidding me, Wendy? You shopped, that's it, no big deal... yet it makes me feel like I actually DID something.

It took the same hour it always took, but its my big accomplishment of the day... (sometimes shopping, sometimes lunch, sometimes taking my folks to a doctor appointment). Big deal accomplishments for me... you too?

P.S. I will admit I often sit here, working on my website, from 7am to 7pm, with a few Facebook checks in between. Hmmmm, so that's where my time goes??

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Time is going too fast
by: Jeannette

I want to become part of the ongoing posts (chats?) that your website offers and so here I go and hope to see a response soon:

My plan is to retire at least by June 2013 so I have a few months to "plan" for the big event and am enjoying reading your website. I am a list person too and feel a sense of accomplishment when I can cross of the items on my list. Of course since the lists are usually on my computer, I delete the items instead of crossing it off. Like Wendy mentioned, sometimes it is hard to decide which is better - paper or computer!

I just finished an online course with Andrew Mellen. He is an organizing genius and I am so happy to have found him!

Part of my preparation for retirement is getting more organized. I am starting his Paper and Filing Course next week. I strongly recommend you google his name and check this out.

I believe that his courses are helping me "build my retirement nest", which I say is getting my house in order, or in plain english, getting rid of unnecessary paper and making the flow of paper that continues efficient. This is important to me as it helps me to be very clear on things like bills, insurance coverages, important papers like wills, etc.

Thanks for listening and hope you will google Andrew Mellen and let me know what you think! I am just a student of his, but very impressed!

by: Ricardo

Wendy, I do recall you alluding to this "time" issue some "posts" back. Hell, I am not even fully retired for another month and the "time" issue is creeping into my life already!

I think that Irwin has a great idea with his "daily lists" gives one some direction and purpose for the following day....something to look forward achievement of sorts....just like an "assignment " at work. We all need "purpose" in life. Great idea Irwin.

I know that you have been working on this "retirement thing" for some time....I am just becoming a rookie....learn from those that have "been there." Thanks for the suggestion!

Wendy: Ricardo - In October, at a website conference, one speaker talked about her "editorial calendar". Afterwards, I thought about it and I use calendars now. I got so much done, and documented in November and December, mostly because I had an agenda every day. Sometimes, I goofed off.. oh well, I am retired. Other times, I completed the daily task.

How do you eat an Elephant?
One tiny bite at a time...

I know what I hoped to do daily, planned out tiny doable steps on my calendar, and completed most of them. I can see, at a glance, what I accomplished... and that feels good.

I am now planning out the first few months of 2013. My biggest problemo, now, is -- computer or paper.

Computer: I have an excel calendar, each month on a separate tab at the bottom, but I often don't OPEN it up to view it. I do most everything on my computer.. why not a calendar? Doesn't work for me... Pity.

Paper: I also have a Dollar Store paper calendar, I really love it. I bought mechanical pencils (complete with erasers) so I can change things as need be. It is never invisible (unless I bury it under other papers).

Problems, Problems... calendars WORK in retirement too, who knew?

You can say that again
by: Irwin Lengel

Hi Ric:

Sorry but I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I am back after a fantastic once in a lifetime trip.

As mentioned, I hope to post articles regarding our trip as well as other tidbits of information I would like to share with my readers (not that I have that large a following).

While I agree with everyone - now that we are retired, it does seem as though time flies faster than it did when we were working. But all that means is we have to prioritize things better that we want to accomplish on any given day. If you will recall one of my previous posts mentioned how much I rely on lists. So far I still use them and as a result, at the end of each day when I cross off many of the items listed therein I really feel good because it means that I accomplished most, if not all, of the things I had hoped to accomplish. The day wasn't a total loss!

I appreciate your providing everyone with stories to read in my absence. I always enjoy any article penned by you.

And, Wendy, I may just take you up on that offer once I have a better idea of what direction I want to go.

Wendy: I can help with your direction too.. lots of self exploration tools to use!!

Time, What Time, Where?
by: Ricardo

Yes, Wendy, I as you can immerse myself on line for hours on end. I am finding as I "get closer" these last few weeks, that what I was able to accomplish by early to mid morning, now takes me half a day to do!

I guess my pace has slowed to a crawl, with no need to "meet a deadline."

I am wondering if this is a positive or a the way Irwin, welcome back, I thought that you fell off the face of the waiting for your adventures to be posted.

I have been filling in for you these last few's all YOURS!

Wendy: Rikk, So its hit you already, too? Funny thing, isn't it??

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