Retirement Travel (4 month travel plan)

by AV, Missouri

Quote from Anand's Email

Quote from Anand's Email

It is good evening here! I am in India, relaxing in a resort by a famous river in southern India, with my wife. We left the US on July 1st on a four month travel plan, covering India, Singapore, and Malaysia. I was getting tired of sitting at home and complaining about the boredom of retirement. So I decided to take the plunge and get out for a change.

It has been going well so far. I have my laptop with me and internet wherever I go.

My sister, lives across the river, and we get together every day! You might wonder why I am not staying with her! Well her house does not have all the conveniences we are used to in America; but here in the resort it is pretty close to home – with good air conditioning, running hot water, a dry bathroom, all that have become essential to us over the last twenty five years that we have lived in America.

If I have to come back and live in India again, it will need a lot of adjustments. I will have to substantially lower my expectations!! In spite of all the great things you hear about India’s achievements, it is still a developing country with all the drawbacks. Rampant corruption slows down all developmental efforts. Lack of sanitation in public places, extreme air pollution, contaminated and unsafe drinking water, and chaotic road traffic without any regulation are the most predominant irritants. There are hardly any toilets in public buildings, gas stations, or malls and the few that are found are disgustingly dirty. So much so that whenever I have to leave home to go some place, I make sure that I finish my mission and am back home ASAP J

We will see how it goes. Two more months here and then we are off to Singapore, which is really a fantastic country!!! It is technologically as advanced as America, if not more, with well developed infrastructure like roads and highways. It is a highly disciplined society, that some may not like. But the law enforcement is so strict that there is zero crime there. Drug offenders are promptly punished, with death penalty!

Life is very peaceful, and people are happy and content. The government operates very efficiently to make sure that all systems work to perfection!! I have always told friends that If I ever have to leave America, which is the best place in the world, my next choice of a country will be Singapore!

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Retiring in another Country
by: Anonymous

I too thought, that once I retired that I would be living (at least 6 mos a year) in Thailand. I purchased a condo in Bangkok in 2006 and still have it but I think I might just sell it?

I had been to Thailand 13 times (usually staying a month each time) to get the feel of the environment, culture etc.

I retired on Aug 11, 2016 and the first 6 mos of retirement were ok, but when it got to the 7th 8th 9th etc. I was feeling like I wasn't accomplishing ANYTHING! The thought of me spending time in Thailand in the 91F 99% humidity YEAR ROUND started to bother me.

I live in San Diego CA where the climate is mild usually warm and dry year round. Now I have no desire to retire (even for a few months a year in Thailand)..Guess I'll stick it out in the Good Ole USA!

Retirement Travel by Sherry
by: Betty Archer Florida

Dear Sherry,

I appreciate your attitude on what's happening in the US regarding pledge of the alliegance, etc.

I have felt the same way. I wish we could get your message out to everybody. I don't hear anyone complain publically about what has happened to this country in the past many years. If they want to come to the US, then don't try to change us.

by: Nina

Seeing places that are different from your own is exciting and fascinating. When my daughter and I went to China I found it thrilling. Our tour was excellent, food was delicious and the Chinese people were very gracious. Travelling there I was astounded at the history and all the famous stories up to the present.

What I would like to do next is to go to Mongolia. The Silk Road which was once used is a popular trip. This summer I met someone who does tours when I was visiting my relatives in America. She is originally from Uzbekhistand but now lives in New Jersey. Can't wait to do this (but in the summer!).

Love to hear about your trip to India and also Singapore. Thanks for sharing.

Best Wishes, Nina

Retirement Travel
by: Sherry/Wilmington, NC

Yep, America is the most wonderful country in the world. God truly blessed America and some people are never happy; they are always trying to change America. Some changes are good, but most are not.

The Pledge of Allegiance should Never be changed and that is the way it is!!!

American dollar bills, "In God We Trust". should never be
deleted!! "God" should never be deleted from any phrase. This is America, if you don't want to say God then don't say that word, but don't change the phrase because you don't believe in God!!

I love elephants and know they live in India. Does India revere these animals? They are beautiful and smart and love their families!

I would never ride on their backs, not for riding. The two things elephants are most afraid of are honey bees and humans!!! Why are humans cruel to animals????

I loved reading your comments about your travels and hope you enjoy your "Life's highway travel every day of your life".

World Travel
by: Ricardo/USA

I have been blessed the the last several years to be able to travel to many destinations that I had only read about or learned about in school.

Exposure to various cultures and peoples is certainly an eye opener. I would agree with the writer concerning "conditions" that might not be comfortable to us.

I can recall when doing research prior to our trip to China a few years ago, they suggested that we should not even brush our teeth with the water! Well, you adjust to the conditions, and if not, then you sit at home and just look at travel booklets......not the same!

Bathroom facilities in MANY parts of the world are deplorable OR, non existent......again that's the price you pay.

As my father used to say as I was growing up, "son, there is no gain in life without a sacrifice." I did not know what the hell he was talking about, but, I have learned this to be true over my life.

So, travel if you will, once you are "bitten", it is difficult to give it up!

Love this armchair travel!
by: Wendy,

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