Retirement Update by Jean

by Jean
(Wales UK)

Hi again

I wrote some time ago about the possibility of leaving work as we were moving to the coast and it was too far to commute. Well I didn't leave then because we didn't move!

However, late last year I was so fed up of bad management and being overloaded with work that I resigned.

Felt great while working my 3 month notice, but then having left, felt decidedly unsettled, regretting leaving.

Here I am now, a couple of months on and I am really getting to like not having a conventional 9-5 job.

I do some holistic work, am about to lead Zumba classes (very excited about that!) and also do a voluntary job in a bookshop which is fun. Feeling stress free and happy!

I realise now that the habit of my working life was a hard one to break, but two months on, I can say that I am up for all sorts of opportunities that I couldn't have accepted whilst doing a conventional job.

I'm very lucky in that we have money to enable me to pursue this and my husband is now looking forward to retiring early.

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