Retirement: Value of My Time (Freedom)

by Kaylee/Florida

I am 69 and retired for a year from a long career. Over the past year, I notice that I am paying more attention to the value of my time and how I spend it. I am just now accepting the reality that I will not be able to achieve all the things I would like to do and/or had been sure I would do in my life.

During my college years, I was adamant that I would join the Peace Corp and put my nutrition knowledge to good use as this was my profession. Now I find the desire not there. It would involve too many lifestyle changes, just not desirous of closing up my Florida home and getting rid of my beloved pets and risking my health for this once "must do" I had in my twenties.

Another trade off keeping me at bay is whether I want to pursue a part-time "job" working for somebody else or would it be better to devote those hours to rolling up my sleeves and trying to create my own niche which may or may not be very lucrative but which I will truly enjoy more.

Yes, retirement sometimes just seems filled with "too many options." And maybe I will have to scratch off my trip to Antarctica, Lol.

Good day.

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Hard to adjust
by: Elizabeth, West Virginia

It is time for me to realize that I will not be able to continue to make the yearly wildlife photography trips. The will is still there, but the body has let me down. Must find other things to fill my days.

Our minds do not age as our bodies do, if we are so blessed. So, I turn to knitting for charity and have found several local groups to make new friends. No, not as exciting as chasing bears, but I have been so blessed to have the memories of my passed adventures.

Value of My Time
by: Ned K. Minnesota

been retired for 15 years, still have that bucket list but it does not seem that important as it once did... but keeping active can fill lots of time and interests even developing a few new ones.

Value of My Time
by: Sherry/ NC

Exactly, Kaylee, you have your freedom now do what you want everyday!! Don't be obligated to anyone!

I'm retired 2 years now and I needed a purpose every morning when I wake up and put my feet on the floor. I walk a neighbor's dog once a day, love animals and it helps her too. I am important to my neighbor and her dog! I exercise everyday, by taking classes and walking my neighborhood. I do volunteer work at the Senior Center and a garden in my home town. I enjoying reading and watching the birds and spending time with my grandsons and family when I am given the opportunity!

There is much to be done in the world!! Help someone today!

Kudos Kaylee!
by: Wendy

Kaylee, I had to repost this to it's own page to assure more retirees view it.

We DO change in our interests and hopes for life -- that's a big part of life and especially the later years of retirement. Considering our options, both old and new, and alowing ourselves to evolve into our new retired selves ROCKS!

Good post. Thank you!

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