Retirement Volunteering Fun at Salvation Army Stores

For the last 10 years that I worked (as a legal secretary whose title was changed to legal assistant as the 90s progressed), all I could think about was retirement.

Nine years, eight months, four days, six hours, nine minutes. You know the drill.

In 1999, I reached my goal and retired. There would be no more 9 to 5, no more cranky clients, erratic lawyers, traffic jams, and I'd be the happiest woman on earth.

Within two months, I was working again, but this time I was volunteering. It doesn't pay the bills, but it sure enjoy it more.

I've had a lot of volunteer positions. That's another advantage. You get to choose what you do.

I helped at a dog and cat rescue organization, where I walked dogs and fed cats and cried with happiness every time one was adopted.

I've fed the homeless on holidays, took names and checked in guests at charity concerts, learn to knit just so I could help make warm hats for children around the world, and much more.

The most gratifying and most fun is my work at both Goodwill and Salvation Army retail stores.

I'll admit I love to shop, so I had credentials before I arrived. I also love bargains, and the stores where I volunteer have such bargains.

I always prided myself on never having a job where I had to learn how to operate a cash register or how to process credit card charges. But, that all changed as I entered "retail." And, I couldn't be happier.

I enjoy helping the customers (and my "seniority" gives me the ability to adjust prices if the consumer needs something he or she can't afford).

But, my biggest thrill is seeing a nice car drive up full of items to be donated to one of my stores. It's amazing to see what some people buy and never wear.

Thankfully, eBay aside, many of those people donate them to our thrift stores to benefit people who need the help. If I had entered retail instead of becoming a secretary, who knows what I would have sold! Oh, well.

Nothing could be better than what I'm doing as a volunteer salesperson. I even have a name tag.

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