Retirement Volunteering: Passing on the Christian Faith

by Tim

I found myself at a loss as to what to do once I retired (at 67). I want to continue to contribute to my community but I am not sure how and I am not the out going type.

However, in the face of my fear, I was called to teach religious education once a week to 3rd-5th graders. Then while in church on Sunday, I felt called again to offer my services at a different church to teach children religion. So I volunteered and now teach 6th graders as well.

I refer to it as being called because when I first taught religious education some 20 years ago a student asked why I was teaching. I said I didn't know why and she said "you were called". So her faith bolstered my faith. I learned as much or more than I taught. No matter what we teach we have the opportunity to learn.

I find teaching religion to young students an opportunity to pass on the faith to new generations. So much of our culture is focused on here and now and has lost the "Good News" that we have been saved. That God loves us and that our calling is to bring people to God to know his love and salvation.

It is not all about social justice and sharing wealth, and living the good life free of any ills, these are worldly things. Its about accepting God and our future in Heaven with God and helping others find the way.

Social Justice is fine but at the end of life it will not be what matters if a soul is lost. It will be more important that we helped others find their way to God.

I know this is not a PC story but it is my story and has allowed me to contribute to children finding their way to God and not being lost in our culture of here and now. These children have also strengthened my faith.


Wendy: I am gearing up to lead the Stephen Ministry at my church sometime in 2013. I fear "working" again, but I feel lead to contribute to my community via the church! Best Wishes, Tim!!

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Passing on the Christian Faith
by: Pamela Hahn

I too have been called to teach little children in retirement. I received a message from Spirit regarding the need to get a story to 'all little children.'

That message has changed my retirement plans although my new mission may help me to fund the other missions I thought I was going to focus on.

I feel strongly that God is calling many to teach children about His love and grace and how they can have a relationship with Him and can use the gifts he provides to help others.

"The Star Who Almost Wasn't There" is the story of a little Star who could not glow, but who was transformed by an encounter with the new born Christ child into the brightest Star in the sky and the herald of good news. In the end the Star dedicates his life and gift to God's service saying:

I will love the Lord my God with all my heart
and all my soul
and all my light.

The message is relevant 365 days a year. It will not be difficult to get this story into Christian homes where parents are engaged in teaching their children about relationship with God, but I think I am to try to get it to children who may not have such a family environment.

I will retire in June 2013, and I will be focusing first on getting an organization set up to get this children's story to as many little children as possible. I think of it a bit like the Moody Bible Institute for the younger set.

You Inspired Me
by: Jeannette

I loved your story about teaching children about God. There truly is nothing more important than sharing our faith with others and yet it seems to be one of the hardest things to do a lot of the time because we are living in a non-Christian world more and more and more.

To stand up for our faith is so beautiful.

I haven't retired yet but am planning on retiring this coming June and perhaps I can also spend my retirement sharing my faith!

You inspired me and I thank you for that!!

Wonderful story
by: Ed Williams

Hi Tim: Really enjoyed your story about teaching young kids about the Bible, and Religion as you say. I believe the closest thing to God's heart are those people who lead others to Christ.

I also believe that their is a library in Heaven, and the souls you have planted a seed in, and those that got saved, will be in a book, with your name being the one that led them to Christ.

God Bless you, and your future teaching of these precious children.

Jesus loves the little Children
by: Roger

You are truly being called, I'm so proud of you, keep the faith!

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