Retirement: We planned

by Doug

I retired a couple of years ago and we went at it a bit differently than most. We began to plan for retirement much earlier and I made a vow that I'd retire when I began to dread going to work.

Around May of 2007, it quit being fun and advised my employer he had two weeks to find and train a replacement.

So, I never really counted the days. When you are ready to retire, you'll know it. When that realization hits you, my advice is to act upon it.

About the only thing I find worse than doing work you dislike doing, is having a bucket list of places you wanted to travel, and enjoyable things you wanted to do, but were too busy working to do any of them.

Life after retirement is much more exciting if you look beyond what you need for financial security as you prepare for it.

"Supercharged Retirement" will help you conquer the emotional and personal challenges of stepping out of the workforce with solutions that work specifically for you. This book is a valuable wake-up call, particularly if you've been focused on financial planning alone.

It will challenge your assumptions about this stage of life, refocus your sense of what's possible, rekindle your passions, and reawaken your drive to spend your time, energy, and resources on what's important to you. You'll discover how to

  • Decide if you really want to retire now or ever.

  • Design a lifestyle for your post-career years that s right for you.

  • Find compelling ways to act on what's important to you and maintain your sense of purpose.

  • Keep your world expanding.

  • Define strategies for dealing with likely challenges and potential fears.

    With Lloyd's recommendations, not even the sky is the limit.

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    Retirement We Planned: yes and I planned my retirement
    by: Barbara Mackay

    Hello yes i agree with Doug when that realisation hits you then it is time for you to retire. Yes i am retired i tell you that i am busier now than when i was working. I retired a long time ago. I enjoy doing what I am doing which is too much too put in the your comments box i am not sure how many characters there are in the your comments. I will finish up now.
    Take care when you retire and make sure you do not get under peoples' feet.

    Wendy: Thank you Barbara!

    p.s. The character limit is high (maybe 3000?) so you can type and type and rarely will someone hit the max. IF you did... just send it and continue on another comment. Bet that never happens!

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