Retirement: What did I do wrong?

by Smith

I worked my 20 some odd years and now having some very bad health issues. In fact another surgery is in store.

My job is never going to keep me on. I went to find out what I would get at 60 years of age, and almost 21 years of service and it was peanuts. And then found out, I don't get social security either?

WHAT? How does one survive?

I have had two on the job injuries, and was made to go back to work early to not lose my job. My wife is on social security security disability and that is won't even cover utilities.

How do I tell my wife that we are in worst shape now than ever, we will lose our home, and I as a man for the first time don't know what to do.

I guess I don't understand why you don't get a retirement check, and your social security you pay into for years.

I do understand it will be at a reduced cost, but does anyone have any suggestions as what we should do?

Thanks any help will do.. does all this sound right? We get nothing each month? Why is that?

Wendy Did you contact Social Security? Are you SURE you don't get a SS Check? Maybe you don't get credit for the 21 years you worked - but have credits from work before that and still get a small check?

Use the "Contact Wendy" page (left bottom) and tell me more, personally, and I'll see if I can help a bit. It isn't always easy to fit the pieces of the retirement puzzle together!

Best Wishes!

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Workers Comp
by: Bruce

I hope you don't work in a "AT WILL STATE" I worked 26 1/2 years for Bethlehem Steel they went bankrupt I and can't get my VERY reduced pension until I'm 60.

For the last 6 years I work for a company repairing their machines, blgd, etc. Back in Feb 2014, I was shoveling walkways at work and slipped on the ice and hurt my back,worked limited duty for 4 months and the
company put me on workers comp. Had a back surgery shortly after and work terminated me because their doctors couldn't give them a return to work date.

I still have works comp benifits but no job to go back to when I'm better, and who's going to want a 58 year old guy that has a bad back .I've had second back surgery since being fired, hopefully this will be the last.

But the right to work or at will doesn't benefit the worker it benefits the Business period!!!!!!!

Wendy: Visit a local attorney who specializes in workers comp for a free consultation. MUST find someone who specializes... they know the Judges and just know the system itself. Don't use your old divorce attorney or an attorney that someone else used.

Often attorneys will take the case (after hearing your story) with payment due only after they win. If there is no win, no fee. Many do this.

If nothing else, they can keep workers comp paying, or get a lump sum payoff, whatever is due to keep you with income until Social Security (or beyond).

Also, if totally disabled, apply for SS (with an attorney as they know the ins and outs) under a Disability. Your disabiity amount is closer to the full retirement (age 66) amount, instead of getting only the age 62 amount.

See an attorney to determine if you ahe any rights... I'd bet you do!

what to do
by: Anonymous

Woah... wow that just sucks!!! the only way u will get social security at your age is to get a about those job injuries in which u went back to work too soon... u need to contact a workers comp attorney and see if there is anything he can do...

i am so very sad for your problems...what a mess...and are your health problems nw work related??? if u leave your job... and can get unemployment, u can get it long enough to get u thru to the proper age for SS...there are programs out there...

u will not like them for sure but we have all paid into them so that they are there to use... food assistance... medicade...

please please b4 u fall into total despair... investigate these...i certainly wish u the very best...

If you worked all those years, you didn't do anything wrong
by: Anonymous

If you have health problems you should be able to get on SSI or SSID with the Department of Social Services. You should also be eligible for medicaid. Have you spoken to your local office about this?

Because of my health problems I received SSID until I turned 62 and then switched it to my SS on an early retirement. With SS and my part time job there's not a lot of money but it is what it is. Use your local food bank, apply to use a free clinic in your area.

Good luck to you and your wife. You'll make it if you just don't give up.

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