Retirement: What keeps me up at night?

by Bill O

I'm Bill O and I am 88 years old/young. I live with my daughter and two mid twenty year olds and her second husband. They both lost their spouse to MS and met on a dating site.

In can't answer your question about "what keeps you up at night", because I don't have that problem. I can tell you what I do in the evening that may help others to relax before going to bed.

1. starting at 5:00 PM I have 2 or 3 Scotch and club soda drinks, before and after dinner. I sip them slowly up to about 9:00 PM.

2. I go on the Internet and/or the TV for news, and sometimes send in a comment about a news story.

3. the TV shows I watch are old movies and EWTN a Catholic religious station for inspiration and encouragement to just let God pilot the plane, and just sit back and relax/trust .

4. I say prayers in bed: of thanksgiving for each day, and ask for forgiveness, and pray for people that I know are suffering. I have a list and I add their name to the list.

That works for me. Maybe, it could work for others. Regards Bill

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by: Anonymous

I rarely drink but wish I could take in a snort to relax. Maybe I will try a sip of burbon to see what happens.

I read at night and usually fall asleep after an hour or two only to awaken around 3:30 am. Then my mind starts racing. Wish I could sweep all the thoughts into a box and take them out the next morning.

I worry about my family's safety, happiness and health, I worry that my Social Security check will not stretch far enough each month even though I have no debt what so ever except taxes and insurance and utilities. Wish I could go to sleep with an easy mind.

When I walk, an average of two miles a day, I pray and pray and pray for friends and family and our country. I'm 68 and wish I was still at my job part time. I have a significant other and have no plans of marrying due to his losing some vital benefits if he marries plus I just do not want to take that plunge again. Just wish he wasn't such a TV freak.

So I am gojng to try and get a part time job in a local store and get back into the hustle and bustle again. Then I am going to get my hair and nails done and not worry about money. Worrying about the kids will never go away but I can get rid of the SSI income worries.

Of and yes, I think I will throw away the TV. The significant other may go with it but..oh well...J

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