Retirement: What to do?

by Ros

Going into 4 years of retirement, first years were good. I was able to do a lot of things I couldn't do while I was working.

Cleaned house, yard work, and lots of little projects here and there. Helped out with the grandchildren, but now that they are a little older they don't need me as much.

My husband still works, he works a lot , financially he doesn't need to work so much, so I am home alone a lot. He likes to do a lot of volunteering for the community. That was never my thing because I was always busy working, taking care of the kids, home and him.

I don't want to do anything it's a chore to do anything. Already on an anti depressant, and I know what I have to do.

Exercise, find something I like (I feel like I don't like anything). I just don't feel like it, but I also don't feel good not doing anything.

I feel like I'm wasting my good days.

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Retired but depressed...
by: Linda/Iowa

Hello. I am married to an over the road trucker who could retire but he loves the road too much. He wants to stay out there till he is 72. I mean if that is what he wants more power to him.

I wanted to say maybe you could get a small dog to walk with. I find when I am depressed, walking does me wonders. And a dog does help pull me up those hills that seem easy at first but harder later on. Besides if you want to talk things out, you can talk to a dog and no one thinks you are odd. :)

So just an idea on my part. I have retired but like I said my husband isn't there yet. He loves to drive, see new places and make money doing it.

Take care now... God bless.

Response to: Retirement, What to do?
by: Ken / San Diego CA

You are doing it wrong (especially doing house work etc.) Haven't you done that long enough? Hire a house cleaner once or twice a month - Plan to go somewhere, even without your spouse! Sometimes a spouse can be detrimental to your well being ;-)

You have earned the privilege of waking up and going to bed, anytime you want! You can say goodbye to schedules - you are now FREE from that!

Do some charitable work whenever you feel like it! …and if you are in the Michigan area, you can visit Wendy, and maybe she will treat you to Frozen Custard at Irmas, in Utica ;-)


Wendy: Heyyy, watch it there! BIG GRIN!

Retirement: What to do?
by: D

Could you take up a hobby that would please you? I love to read. I usually have several books checked out of the library. I am also taking a Kundalini Yoga Class. Very good for stressed out/depressed people like myself.

There must be something that would interest you.

by: Anonymous

Hi Ros,

your comment about not liking anything struck a cord with me. As someone who has struggled a bit with depression, not finding any fun in things that I used to enjoy is one of my symptoms.

It stinks but keep working with your doctor and things will eventually come around.

I think you are right, exercise and get involved. I'll speak for the retirement community, we are pulling for you!

Sounds like you were a caregiver...
by: Wendy,

Really.... it sounds to me like you love the caregiving role - grandkids, family, husband. Sounds like you need to help someone out there.

Is there a neighbor who is home-bound and needs groceries or some chit chat with you?

Kids who need tutors or hugs?

Seniors in Assisted Living you might play games with?

Just seriously sounds like you like helping others... and if so, should continue to do so while you can!


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