Retirement: Whole New Life

by Jan Birt

It is true, retirement does depress you. And why it shouldn't? When you work for an institution for all these years and then they suddenly ask you to go, just because you have turned 60 and your services are no more required.

Three years before retirement, I wondered how retirement life would be. Somewhere at the bottom of my heart, I felt it would be very easy and relaxing. Going to office has always been hectic, due to long traveling hours, hectic schedules etc; but then I definitely liked my job.

But then too, I felt I would love and enjoy my retirement. The day came and I felt that it was all over.

Somewhere I could feel that I was no longer associated with my cabin, office and my colleagues. The work in my office would go on just the way it had been going on earlier, but I wouldn't be there. This thought was really saddening; but then I comforted myself with the thought of relaxation. I wonder how comforting that thought was!

Next few days, I found it quite enjoyable. No more phone calls from workplace, no more traveling by trains, but a lot more time with family, lot more time of watching TV. The feeling was totally mixed, but then I was happy.

Then after a month or so, things felt different. I kept feeling lonely as every person from my house would go to work and I would be alone whole day doing nothing. It all started bugging me. I kept feeling lonely and TV didn't help me fight this loneliness. Doing nothing bothered me a lot and I was depressed a lot.

But then I had to survive and fight this depression, as I didn't want depression to take charge of me.

I decided to organize myself and adapt to this new life. I knew that I was retired but that didn't mean that my life was over.

I took up to gardening, and I enjoyed it a lot. Working in the garden, planting new saplings and seeing them grow were really fun. I also joined a library and got into some reading. I made new friends in the garden and the library and spent a lot of time with them.

We made a group of all the retirees like me and went to picnics and camping. I was very happy as my life got new meaning with all this.

I have very well adapted myself to this new lifestyle and try and enjoy every day with new hopes and desires.

Wendy: Retirement IS a whole new life. Like you, day by day, I am muddling my way through it. Your story is refreshing! I'm thrilled to see your life has new meaning, you found new friends, you did something to find your retirement happiness! Good for yoU!

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retirement anxiety
by: mildred/tn

thank u , Wiedy for this site. I have been looking for something like this but could not find. It is nice to find "like person's like myself" and to know that I am not alone

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