Retirement Workshop
for New Retirees
in Retirement Transition

This Retirement Workshop is geared towards those in the retirement transition phase of life. Dump those retirement problems and find a real retirement happiness that many never achieve!

Who might be interested in this Workshop?  Anyone New to Retirement...

  • Someone considering retirement but anxious about the future 
  • A new retiree, confused about who they are now and what they'll do every day to keep busy and happy
  • Retired for six months to 2-3 years and still not  happy... need some help to get over this transition stuff.

I totally believe you can greatly improve your retired life:

  • If you have lost your identity or are afraid this will happen
  • If you have retirement problems and can't get past the negative thoughts in your head
  • If you seek retirement happiness, but haven't yet found it.

This workshop is not for those who are depressed. If you are slightly down, you can probably work through the modules... but if you have been diagnosed with depression, I'm not qualified to help you. I am so sorry!

We will consider your personality, values, skills, interests and lifestyle to find the best retirement lifestyle options that feels good to you.

We will work to find ideas that YOU want to pursue for new challenges in life, new friendships and interaction with people, and an income too!

This is a very introspective process as you will re-discover   yourself.

This is a self-directed workshop, module by module, you will answer many questions on all aspects of your retired life AND home business ideas. 

Together, we will brainstorm for creative ideas to find a home business that suits you perfectly.

You can work as quickly or as slowly as you care to.  You might find and launch your home business in the next month -- or you might spend more time in the workshop itself, considering your future lifestyle.

If you are looking for a new challenge, want to find new passion in life, and just generally GROW as a retiree - this could be the key to your happiness in retirement!  I pray that it is!

In the end, you will have gained a new perspective on your retired life, I assure you!

This workshop will help you find Yourself - the New Retiree hidden within. You are no longer your occupation, and without that, many of us feel pretty bad.

Goal #1: Discover new interests to add FUN to your retirement lifestyle!

Renew interests and challenge yourself again. Search deep to find interests that you discarded long ago... lost between career, kids, and just life. Find new interests that you've never had the time to explore.

Goal #2: Discover new challenges to keep you mentally alert! 

We all need to keep our brains stimulated. Our aging brains need continued challenge... allowing new nerve pathways to form. You can accomplish this with hobbies, interests, or a new home business which involves income too.

Goal #3: Discover the new YOU in retirement!

After many decades of life, Life simply gets boring. You can sit there in retirement boredom OR you can find the new YOU in life. Pick yourself up by your retirement bootstraps and jump  back into life again.

You have something to offer this world -  Just do it!

In this workshop, you will:

  • Discover Yourself again through self-exploration tools: Evaluate your values, personality, skills (things you may be no longer aware of as they come so  naturally to you) so that your home business will match your lifestyle and retirement values best.
  • Determine your Retirement Life Satisfaction: Instead of simply living life, consider where you are happy, where you are not, and what you can do to live a balanced life.
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Throughout the workshop, you will set small, completely doable, goals. If you take this workshop, and do nothing... it's wasted time and energy. Taking action will help this really happen... after all, that's what you are paying for, right?
  • Review ways to Make a Difference in the World:  Some participants will want to find a home business that helps their local community or the world in some manner. We'll look into those possibilities so that you leave no corner undiscovered.
  • Explore your Creativity: If you are creative, even if never used in your previous work, you might want to use your artistic soul now.