Retirement--Every Day is Saturday!

by Diane
(Pittsburgh PA)

I was given severance for an early retirement.

I brought my mother back home from the personal care. I hired caregivers.

I bought a gym membership. I walk around the park for twenty minutes. I go to the theatre and entertainment halls. I ride my bike down the bike trail with my grandkids and, I joined the senior citizens center.

Every day is Saturday but Sunday, enjoy.

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Everyday is Saturday
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

I love your comments on Everyday is Saturday. What is so great about it is that you can do exactly what you you want to do even on Sunday. You may also find that you can become your best friend.

Blessings. Elna

by: Zenobia/ Minnesota

I can only say whoo hoo and way to go! Just wonderful! Keep living life in this way and you will find yourself in the midst of joy and happiness!
Will it be that way every day? Heck no! But it's a goal worth reaching for!

Every Day is Saturday
by: Irwin Lengel - Lakeland FL

Hi Diane:

Great post. Isn't retirement great.

Our lives are almost the same. My wife and I both stretch as soon as we wake, I walk for a minimum of thirty minutes although most days it turns into 40 minutes, and after eating and showering, we line dance for 45 minutes Mondays through Fridays.

Then we either shop or come back home and each of us get involved with one project or another until it is time to watch some favorite shows.

Saturday mornings find us having coffee and donuts (usually one donut apiece and only on Saturday morning) and socializing with our friends here within the community where we live.

Sunday is a day of rest - no exercise - no walking - no line dancing and usually no socializing. We sort of veg out in preparation for Monday when it will all start again.

Life is grand. Retirement is wonderful.

Good for you
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

You sound a lot like me when I knew I was retiring I downsized, joined a gym, lost 100#'s in a little over a year, walk my little dog I bought for company and to make me stay active 2-3 times a day.

I moved to a 55+ retirement community and love living here as it feels like I am in the country yet only 10 miles from anything I might need. I joined the Senior Citizens center, though admit I stay so busy right here at home that I don't attend often.

I have a nice corner lot so my yard requires a great deal of my time and this year I totally changed the look and it is beautiful, I crochet, I spend time with my family. And after years of working as a nurse and moving many times I am so happy to just be able each day to do whatever I want. I also took care of my mother until she passed in 2005.

I applaud you as you are the kind of person that sees the glass 1/2 full not 1/2 empty and will see you enjoying these years as I do. Congrats.

Every day is Saturday
by: Ade

Good for you Diane. Enjoy your life

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