Retirement Living in Arizona

If you are considering Retirement Living in Arizona, read this page to see what others retirees think about Arizona retirements.

The retirees below wrote about their move to Arizona (and I hope more will speak up) to help you see what worked for them.

I hope their retirement living in Arizona helps you find places to check out or reasons you might consider for the big move - like a great Arizona Retirement Community!

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Retired and moved from Maryland to Scottsdale, Arizona

by Dave

I move from Frederick, Maryland June 26, 2006 to Sierra Pointe Retirement Community in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What went into that decision to make Sierra Pointe my home and also Arizona is that my son lives in Phoenix, Arizona which is not too far away.

In Maryland, they have cold winters and a few years back i fell and broke my hip and in the winter the cold makes my hip hurt a lot!

On the website for Sierra Pointe it says:

"Our luxury over 55 exclusive retirement community offers spacious studio, one and two bedroom apartment homes for Independent Living and Assisted Living. We combine the luxury, amenities and attention to detail you expect in a first-class resort with the warmth and comfort you feel in your own home."

My wife wanted to live somewhere that she said was "independent, just because we are old doesn’t mean we are not able to still do things" - yet with my hip, we wanted to feel safe just in case so the "Assisted Living" is need they are close by.

We are full time, that's how much we like the place, when we first walked in i thought it looked like a five star hotel.

We have a nice little night life here as well as live entertainment. Almost every Saturday night at Sierra Pointe, they host snacks and alcoholic beverages are available, which is always nice!

We have a very nice and very big pool which the grand kids love (although you have to be out with them, which is no problem).

We have a game room which has bridge, mah jong, canasta, and rummikub. We have a very nice Library and Movie Theatre that is very clean and nice, they play older and new movies.

For example, last Saturday they played Sound of Music and the Saturday before that they showed the movie Juno.

I own an apartment which is a "McDowell Model" and its "1150 Livable Square Feet" as the website says (the website also has floor plans which is very nice, the living feet goes from 568 to 1455 square feet).

I hope this helps you out, I sound like a sales men for the place but I know it is very nice and close to places in AZ.

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Retired: Moved from So. Cal to Tuscon, AZ

by Mary Lou
(Tuscon AZ)

When I retired, it was a big decision for me to move.

I used to live in southern California, but things just became too difficult. The economy caused many problems for me, so I wanted to go somewhere with a slightly better status. Also, much of my family lives throughout Arizona.

I had first moved to California for a job, but since I retired, I have been longing to see my family. After a long time, I left my home in Rialto, CA to live in Tuscon, Arizona. The main reason behind this was family.

I am very big on family, and my very close relatives live in Tuscon. If it was not for my family ties, I would have never moved. Although, I can say that moving was my best decision ever!

I currently live in a small, three bedroom house with my sister and her children. It is a tight fit most of the time, but we are hardly in the house at all.

I am usually out with family, we may go to stores or just take in a good barbecue. My nieces always want to go to the movies, and I am more than happy to take them. It is good for me since there is always air conditioning to get out of the heat.

The weather feels almost the same as California, nearly hot all year round. I am used to the heat though.

One of my most favorite hobbies is to watch my nieces ride ATVs. They love to go into the desert, but they will never get me on one of those crazy things! I just like to sit under an umbrella and watch the action. That is why I chose to move back to Arizona for my retirement, I wanted to reconnect with the ones I love.

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Retired and moved from FL to AZ

by Manuel

I have lived in florida my whole life because of my job. seeing huge buildings, full or cars, and crowds everywhere. i was in a place where the city never sleeps.

after i retired, i needed a place where i can be away from all crowds and noise so i think of arizona first.

i have to choose either my son's location in chicago or any other location... but after long life working, it was in my mind to stay away from all world and tensions i had through my life.

in past i had in mind to go some place where i can do farming by myself so i choose some places. i even though of texas. but my friends suggested arizona for living after retirement. i had already visited arizona once in my life and i had though of coming back after retirement there. so it was quite easy fort me to choose arizona over other places.

i love to live in arizona because of its native culture here. people here have never gave up their old native culture and this place so close to nature. i have never seen such beautiful places full of nature everywhere.

i am living here on my savings, i have bought a small house for me and my wife. i have a little farm for me. i have some pets with me over here and have everything we need even beautiful golf courses.

i am living here full time. arizona is away from all troubles in world it is the deep down in the nature that overwhelmed the soul by its pure beauty of nature.

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