Retirement...Tme to turn the page to a new chapter

by Ricardo

Well, it is "D" Day at the "OK" corral for yours truly. Some thirty eight years earlier I entered this office as the youngest employee, and now I exit it as the oldest....full circle, as in life!

I look around at my barren desk, and memories come flooding back to me, some good, some not so good, but memories just the same. I will certainly miss the friendships that I have developed over the years, and try to stay in touch, but, I am realistic, and I know that it will not be the same.

Wendy asked me some time ago to log my weeks and months leading up to this moment in time. I really thought that it would be difficult to define myself as a retiree. I guess that I will struggle with that term for awhile....of course it is only a word, and words do not always define a person!

Bittersweet these last moments.....kind of like a part of me is "dying." Am I attending my own WAKE? I packed up all "the stuff" one accumulates earlier in the week, so this morning I will just say my final good byes to all that I have been close to over the years that are still here, which are not many. Others have long ago retired, and many passed on.

Once again, it is the "cycle of life"....for everything, turn,turn,turn....and a purpose unto heaven! God Bless, and thank you Wendy, and ALL readers for allowing me to share my "journey " with all of you, I sincerely hope that I may have helped some along the path of life and it's struggles and hopes&dreams.....Adieu....for now!

Wendy: CONGRATULATIONS - Happy Retirement!

Hey Ricardo, the journey only BEGINS today - not ends. I do hope you continue to post your experiences in retirement, I really do.

Leaving work, walking out that door for the last time, is an odd moment in life. It was kinda surreal for me, like it wasn't me leaving, like it wasn't permanent - only it WAS.

I am happy in retirement and I do hope you will be too. You've thought about this far longer than most do... joining the Retirement Transition group even though you were a year or so away.

Wishing you the best in retired life.. and hoping this isn't the last we hear from you!

Thanks ever so much, Ricardo, for the posts you've shared! You have already helped others...

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Retired-then widowed.
by: Anonymous

We retired in 2007, my husband passed away Augast
This has been very difficult at first.
Now I am managing much better,and if I need HELP I am not afraid to ask.
Every day I try to stay positive and motivated.

by: OPJoshi

You have spent life creatively and wish that you may remain active up to the end.
You worked for others as Gandhi said gentle persons are those who understand difficulties of thers and serve others.

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