Retiring and Scared

by Dot

Hello... just found this site...

I am retiring from the post office in 5 more days and I am scared to death.

Thank god I am 63... can get social security and since I am a CSRS offset employee, my retirement will not be any bigger if I stay till I am 66 or even 70. I think I will be ok for money.

The post office will only give me an estimate of what I am getting and I will not see the final figures for up to 8 months... the OPM does all retirement calculations by hand... Have they ever even heard of Bill Gates???

I am mostly doing this to take care of my mother who is 94 and a pistol... but the post office was my rock... no matter how crappy my life was i could go to work... do a good job and not have to deal with it all for 8-10 hours a day.

I will miss all of those with whom i work... and all but one of the patrons on my route .. but since I do not live in the town in which I work, I lose them all... very scary biz here.

I just wish i knew if I am really doing the right thing...

Wendy: First, when do we ever know, positively, that we are taking the right road in life? In Marriage? Divorce? A medical decision?

A few retirees are absolutely sure... most aren't. It's just one more decision in life, then after you retire, you'll have to figure out where life is headed. It's different, for sure, but its GOOD too!

Second, I cannot believe the Postal Service takes MONTHS to calculate a pension and begin to pay out. In today's technology, that IS absolutely absurd. Your union should do something about that.. its really crazy.

I did pensions in my job, and we could calculate one in an hour tops... yes, we had a program that was tied in with payroll and employee records. That's the norm in today's pension plans.

Just had to say... its a huge disservice to make new retirees wait this long. WOW....

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Really Scared
by: LZ/Canada

Just retired & I’m.super scared. 20 yrs same job. What now?
Didn’t know it was this difficult

just retired
by: Anonymous

Retired to take care of my husband. Money will be tight, I feel now that I am retired my life is over.

Am I really doing this?
by: Anonymous

Retiring in April , am 57, now time for me which is scary when you really have been busy with all of the things in life.

However imagine all you can explore, all the things you like or want to do without rushing...yes a big change but usually the scariest decisions turn out to be the best in the long run.

67 Retiring in 4 days
by: Anonymous

I have gone back and forth on this question for several years now and finally decided when I met my first grandchild 6 months ago and decided I wanted to be part of her life.

I am divorced and although I will be near my son and will help them with babysitting, I still want to make sure that I have my own life.

But why so scared?

Although the money is never enough my financial planner says I will be okay if I am moderately careful. But sometimes I just cant sleep worrying and worrying about the what ifs.

Your site has helped me to feel a little better about the future and also knowing I am not alone with these feelings. Thank you

Same boat
by: Anonymous

I am retiring in 2 weeks from a position I have held for 35 years, at the age of 55.

I will receive a good pension, have financial security with a spouse that is still working, have lots of outside interests, small part time jobs cutting lawns, and will be returning to work after the new year for a few days a week on a contract basis.......and am still anxious, scared and a little depressed about what I will be losing and fear of the future.

I have been told that retirement is like starting a new job, and having been with the same employer for my working career, have never experienced a job change.

I am leaving on my own accord due to the changing workplace, and was always looking forward to retirement, but once it gets here , it's a different story. I think we will all get there if we hang in there, just like a new marriage, buying a new house etc., it's a normal part of life.

Thank you for this forum.

Wendy: I also retired at 55 with 35 years of service, and I also never had another job. You say its like a new job -- but with a new job, you have somewhere to report daily and something to do. With Retirement - there is suddenly just T-I-M-E... and lots of it.

It takes time to figure out your new lifestyle, figure out who you are and what you'll do with your days, but you will get there!

Best wishes!

Good reading
by: Anonymous

Hi it is Joy, who hasn't been Joyful since retiring. I am getting better each day.

I appreciated all the things you said to Dot, who was uncertain about retiring. I have found, no surprise here, that it is a big adjustment for LOTS of people.

I had taught high school for 39 years, with wonderful folks and mostly awesome kids. Then dead silence all day, since my husband is still teaching. I often felt like I had retired to DIE.

That feeling is passing. I do quite a bit of Volunteer work and I would tell anyone who feels useless as I did, or bored to check to find something you would like for volunteering. It is so rewarding.

Thank you for all your comments, including yours Wendy. This site has helped me adjust to my new life quite a bit. I love to read all your thoughts and comments and it is nice to enjoy getting up and seeing what each new day will bring- lots of blessings usually.

Retirement is, as all of you said, just an adjustment, another phase of life. I am incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful. husband,a wonderful daughter, a pension and no mortgage.

I am blessed in so many ways and thankful.. and I no longer feel guilty. I EARNED this retirement. :)

Transition period
by: James

Hi Dot! I understand how you feel, not so much regarding the pension, but having to leave your job and work community.

I was retired by my company in July. It is taking time to readjust, like a lot of transitions in life. I can't say I am fully adjusted, yet, but it is getting easier to come to terms with.

One of the biggest challenges is how to fill your day. I am gradually coping.

Strangely, I am getting used to putting my feet up and relaxing more. I exercise more; do a bit of gardening and, luckily, I do a little part-time work. I still haven't got over the routine of work, but I feel I am gradually getting there.

I wish you all the best during your transition period.

by: Anonymous

There is a tremendous need for volunteers. do some hunting and then settle on one that will fill in a lot time for you.

by: Donna

@WOW_Retirement - I know just how you feel as I felt the same way when my job of 31 years was eliminated last January.

It CAN be very frightening but like you, my job had been all I knew and like you, money isn't really an issue - I was just leaving a "very comfortable" life.

After several months of moping around, I decided that life is what one makes of it and after allowing myself to relax, I find that I have never been happier.

Its been sort of like an extended vacation, doing whatever I want whenever I want. So relax and do whatever YOU want.

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