Retiring from One Phase of Life to Another

by Gladys M Brown
(Guthrie Oklahoma USA)

My name is Gladys and I retired six years ago with so much excitement I shouted it out to the world. I love not being on a schedule but like many others I feel something is missing from my life.

My main concern is staying active so I enjoy going to church being surrounded by my church family. Since I am a retired Musician, I am still asked occasionally for my services by other churches.

All my children live close to me so I am blessed, so I spend more time writing poetry and short stories which is my hobby. I have self published three children books and was recently honored at two Banquets for my books which gave me a chance to get all dressed up.

I just try to stay focused and thankful to live one day at a time.

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My Retirement continues
by: Ken San Diego

Well here it is... 5 weeks of full retirement and I'm saying "What the He**!"?

Yes I can get up anytime I want, go to bed anytime I want (which has been 4am or so..) or I find myself driving and having breakfast at 4am at a 24Hr restaurant.

Not having any family nearby? Do I find that lonely? NO! With my family, sometimes I consider it a Blessing!

When you hit 66 etc. the only ones that seem interested in you are DOCTORS! (better than undertakers I guess? LOL)

I could maybe go back to a part time job, but I might be asked a question "Do you know how to answer phones?" and I would reply: "No I don't, when the phone rings at home, I run around saying "what do I do? what do I do?"

I live in a condo, but most of my neighbors are younger and work.. I don't know about moving to one of those senior apartments/condos because I can't relate those OLD people (like me LOL)

The best thing I like to do, is go on spontaneous trips, be it by car (shorter distances) or by train (long distance with private bedroom / bath) or overseas to Thailand ...

I want to get involved in volunteering at this charity downtown San Diego, so I applied! They have never responded (they did enjoy my substantial contribution though) %*@)*@

Well, back to my retirement routine, which includes reading the comments here! Feel free to email me ;-)

Ken / San Diego / Bangkok Thailand

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