Retiring is lonely if still single.

by Carol
(Vancouver Canada)

I retired 8 years ago (Dec 31.13) and find I do the same things like I was at work!

I get up early get coffee drive to work, work then head out for 10 am first coffee break..get back online like at work but back home.

Make lunch by 12 or buy it w take-out eat lunch from 12-1 then get on YouTube.

By Three o'clock a coffee break then by 4 get off computer (tablet), shut down then get dinner by 6. watch 6 pm News on How many Covid cases today?

I don't see my friends as they are younger and still work. I did go swimming regularly before Covid--but since March 12th-I have to reserve a spot at the pool since reopening this past July? or gym closed as Steve Nash owned half and he sold his sare and it went back to Fitness World--I used to go every morning before work.

But my energy and interests waned after I retired in 2013 December and went less. I cancelled my gym monthly fees as the name changed and I was no longer a member of Steve Nash Fitness World. Twent-two years with Fitness Workd/Steve Nash).

My family live mostly 45 minutes by car away--my son--10 minutes but he is working from home and has no time for me.

Lately, I have befriended a 93 year-old woman, Lily who is lonely as her family also do not visit her. We live in a senior type of building where you have to be 65 or older to be a tenant. But the management did not recontract-so they can bring the rent up--if they want. But we were grandfathered to keeping our rents on the lower end. Anyone new to the building will gave to pay market vakue rent that means 2 times more than what we pay.

My older friends are busy with aging siblings or take-care of their grand children. I worry about my health at times as I am not as active. I am bored of most if my oast hobbies. I don't like to walk the Arbutus Greenway as it is boring and one long lane! Once the railroad tracks.

My blood pressure reading was very high today at the dental school-guess I feared the painful tools they use to pry with young hands.

We need motivation and inspiration at thus stage. Peace to All!

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Getting out of bed
by: Sherry

Getting out of bed every morning with a purpose will make life satisfying.

Do some research on something that is interesting to you. I research elephants!!

I live in NC and state has the largest natural habitat zoo in America. Check it out NC Zoo Asheboro, NC. wonderful and the animals do seem happy to me!

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