Retiring soon, anxious and afraid.

by Paul

Retiring soon, anxious and afraid.

My wife of 43 years has progressive aphasia. I will be caring for her and we are going to do as many of the things we had planned for while we still can.

Wendy: You didn't write much about why you are anxious and afraid... but let me say, it is normal for many of us.

Whether your wife is ill or well, just make a plan and enjoy life. Irwin and his wife (well past retirement) have been travelling the nation by car for weeks and weeks now. I watch their travels on Facebook, photos galore, just visiting different areas, eating adn staying at new places to explore. Sheer simplicity in the travel adventure. I wish you LOTS of this!

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Seeking Help
by: Paul

One year earlier than expected...

Having to make quick decisions.

Having trouble adjusting. should I seek counseling?

Wendy- Paul, I am adding your new comments here since your story was already published. As I said above, you don't provide many details.

Do you need help on the quick decisions? Which ones?

If you'd like to chat, privately, please complete the Coaching form (bottom left).

I hope other retirees will chime in here and help Paul.

Not knowing
by: Pacific Island Girl

Although my experience was different, it is the fact that not knowing what we will face does make one anxious and afraid. But as we prepare, plan and live each day at a time you will feel comfortable and content that you have done the best you could and the rest were just things out of your control.

I use to and still offer those I couldn't handle to God and ask him to take care for me. It's going to be alright. As a christian I believe that God gives you what he knows you can handle, the rest are his to take care of.

Best regards to you and your wife.

by: Irwin

Wendy is correct.

We have been on the road now since March 30. It hasn't been all fun and games due to some side effects from some surgeries I had in 2004. But, one thing those surgeries did was cause me to take a more positive outlook on life.

Life can be so short. So, we must make the best of every day. And as a result we are enjoying our life to the fullest.

Been retired since 1996 and loving it!

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