Retiring Soon: How I Will Keep Busy

by Nancy Jean

My retirement would be spent with kinds of activities that I enjoy doing the most.

Number one would be traveling as much as I possible could. Someone quoted, "The world is a book and if you do not travel then you have only read one page." Of course to travel, one must be in good physical and mental shape.

A good mental activity to keep the mind fit is to read as much as possible. Reading newspapers, books and even doing puzzles will help with mental fitness.

Good nutrition goes a long way with helping mental and physical fitness. Being physically fit as a senior is a vital component to having a geat life during retirement.

Walking is the most important exercise for seniors and their well being. "If you don't use it, you'll lose it," the old saying goes. Sitting for long periods of time is not good for anyone.

Light weight training is extremely good for the upkeep of muscles and I enjoy doing light weight training while watching television shows. A person can do their weight training any time of day to get their exercise included for the day.

Another one of my favorite activities in gardening. I intend to do a lot of gardening during my senior years.

There is never enough time to see all the movies I want to see at the theaters. I intend to see 2 or 3 movies a week when I retire. Broadway shows and local community shows that are relatively cheap are great things to see and do.

My spouse would like for me to fish in retirement. That is what they are looking forward to doing and I have no intention to be doing that.

I would love to have the time to be in a ladies club playing cards, chatting and eating.

Hopefully, I will have some grandchildren to chase after and this will help my physical fitness.

Saving money for retirement is vitally important. I have plans to be shopping and buying things for my children and grandchildren. Everything I buy has to be on a great sale or clearance. So, the hunt for a great sale or mark down is very rewarding when you find a good one. Not to mention, the exercise involved with walking around the stores and malls.

One thing I will not be doing as much as I can, is talking on the phone. I hate talking on the phone and I have senior members of my family that sit all day and talk on the phone and get fatter each day. Enough of talking about that.

I do love being on the internet and checking my lottery ticket numbers, looking for bargains and emailing people.

Keeping up with technology will be fun to do in retirement. I do like figuring out all the new gadgets.

Playing Wii will be fun in retirement. I can play with my grandkids and beat them!

I intend to grow old gracefully, so I will be spending time at the hairdresser and hopefully the spa. Here is to a happy and fulfilled retirement, make the most of it.

Retirement, Here I come!!

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by: Barbara

Good for you! Enjoy your new life and keep us posted on your travels and other interests.

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