Retiring Soon

by Rodney V

I am still working but have put in my paperwork to retire on June 1, 2014. I am planning to take some time off before I commit to any activities like part time work or volunteering. How much time would fall into the normal range? Does this sound like a good approach.

Wendy: In retirement, there are no rules. What works for one person, doesn't for another. As a retirement manager for 25 yrs, never thought *I* would fall, but I did... I lost time and couldn't tell you what I did at some points in time.

You might be the type that will be happy never working or volunteering again... with plenty of activity in life to keep you happy and busy. Some folks love retirement and its "nothingness". Grin! New word there!

You might be too young to do nothing -- OR -- Maybe you have plenty of yard work, household work, to keep you busy here and there, or hobbies that you've never had time to enjoy while working full-time.

Retirement... it all kinda depends on YOU!

Retirees: what do you think?

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Joe W
by: Rodney V

In answer to Joe's question, I am retiring on June 1 in order to get my employers full subsidy for medical and dental plans for family. As far as money, as Wendy mentioned although I am not making more overall I will actually take home more after deduction, etc.

couple years
by: ronaldj

depends on the money I would say and how many hobbies you have.....I retired at 58 did little carpenter jobs and what I wanted and than two years in I took a full time part time job...

Reason for Retirement
by: Joe W.

@Rodney, Hi! I'm curious to know WHY your retiring on June 1/14? Did you make any specific plans before your retiring OR are you waiting until you retire before you know what you're going to do next?

Maybe, give yourself permission to celebrate your next stage in life.

Happy Easter!

Joe W.

doing nothing
by: diane

I have been off work now for 11 months. love every minute i am not working.. like many people I was a person whose work took up most of my time. I became disillusioned with my job and retired.

I think it depends on the type of person you are but I am glad I never decided to "do nothing" for awhile. It is so easy to fall into a rut of the TV and/or the computer.

I have talked to a number of people who said they were advised not to do anything for a year so they never got out of pjs for a be aware that doing nothing can be a trap...hope you have a vacation planned ...

I started volunteering right away and have a very busy life now.

by: Ned

It sure depends on lots of things. I had plans of doing lots of things but it took me almost five years to really start enjoying what I really wnated to do.

It seems like retirement is much like the working years, something seems to always come up to take you down, "other paths" or delay something else.

The best thing I have found with retirement, though, is you can and sometimes have to say "NO" .

Just take it a day at a time -- yesterdays are gone and tomorrow is the future!


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