Retiring Soon

by JC

As I won't be retiring for another 2 years, I'm already feeling anxiety. Being a teacher, I have the summer off.

After about a week of being home, I start feeling nervous, scared, depressed. So now I'm thinking ahead.

I know I have to keep busy, but you have to have people who feel the same way. I do have friends (many retired already) but I wonder if they would like to keep busy as I would. Lunch, a walk, dinner, a movie, day in the city, etc.

I guess I will have to space everyone out, so I see everyone and keep a schedule of some sort. Maybe join a gym?

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Have A Plan
by: John A. / Tyler, Tx

Now that you are two years from pulling the trigger on retiring, you're in the perfect position to start planning for that event.

Get your finanicial house in order, get out of debt and starting planning what you want to do in terms of activities. And more importantly, prepare yourself mentally because life is going to change.

You will encounter the ups and downs emotionally after you retire. This is normal at first. So, it is important to keep your mind occupied.

Planning is the keyword.

Step outside comfort zone
by: Wee Zer

You are a teacher so I assume well educated. There must be so many things you could pursue. For one, depending on what subject matter you taught, perhaps you could write a book to teach that subject matter. Like Math for Dummies. I know that book must already be written but you get what I am saying. How many times have you probably said if I had better books I could teach this subject much better and the kids would learn quicker.

Then, you could research some kind of historical character, event in time, the building of some famous structure. You could go to senior centers and give informative, historical lectures. There is so much interesting historical stuff to discuss.

A friend of mine took up photography in retirement. His works are not my cup of tea but it keeps him busy and he loves what he does.

Some people love golf or doing volunteer work. Some people travel. Join a book club at your library. Join your historical society in your town. Do part time tutoring. Go on some bus trips/tours. I am sure you will find something to keep you busy. Start thinking and planning now. On your next summer break plan to do something rather than sitting home with anxiety!

You need to see what your budget is to see what your disposal income is. If you have $4,000 a year to spend on non essentials, think of how to stretch it out for 12 months. One extravagant thing or many smaller things. Good luck!

Retiring Soon
by: Sherry/ NC

Retiring is all about doing what you want to when you want to!!!

Have fun!!!!!

Not Retired Yet
by: Chandler, AZ

I don't mean to sound harsh, but it sounds like you're running from something. Why not give yourself time to see what actual retirement is like, then add activities back into your schedule as needed?

You are lucky to have good friends to spend your time with, but remember to give yourself a chance to and smell the roses. You have worked hard and now its time to relax a bit... you deserve it and you may actually enjoy it!

Please know that my comments are meant with the best of intentions.

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