RN Retiring

by Ellen

Two more shifts and I will be done. Officially retired after 44 years of Nursing. I have to admit it's pretty scary.

It is fear of the uncertainty and lack of structure as well as finances and such in this uncertain world. I truly loved my career, the ups and downs. I feel blessed but I am not dead yet. So off to a new adventure with the reins in my hands. I have the remote now and I am not giving it up.

Trying new things and practicing mindfulness as well as connecting with my family is a good start.

Then being brave and finding new ways to make new friends without being killed with covid virus. It's all good we get through this too.

I hope that each and every one of us stay healthy, pain-free and find some joy each day ❤️

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by: Dani

Welcome to the land of retirement, Ellen!

I too just retired a little over a month ago after 41 years at the same law firm. I had all the same feelings as you right up to the day I retired.

I like your positive comments, though, and I strive for those same things. It is definitely challenging to work toward those goals during a pandemic, but we just have to be patient and creative and do things a bit differently.

Travel and trying to make new friends and pursue new interests, such as through a class, is the most challenging right now--which is what made me turn to this community.

I would be interested to hear what your interests are and what your plans are during the pandemic to stay busy, etc.

Take care! Dani

RN To The Rescue
by: Joe W.

Congrats on your new retirement and helping to tame the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Remember that once you're an RN, you're always an RN.

Some of the nurses I know don't really have their own retirement because they are often called back for more service.

Hold the reins tight for an adventurous journey and a very Happy retirement!

Joe W.

by: Anonymous

Hi! Ellen, I am Donna. I retired 5 yrs ago after 37 yrs as an RN in a hospital setting. I too was proud of my profession and career path.

It took me a good 6 months to figure things out but, with your skills of adaptation and leadership you will move forward and hopefully thrive. We never stop helping others and I know you won't either. Volunteer is a must!

Also, take care of yourself. Enjoy!!!

by: Sherry/NC

Good luck to you in your retirement. You will find happiness in freedom.

It is amazing. Everything will be fine.

Initially take time just for yourself. Take as much time as you need. Take a permanent vacation.

After that time you will want to maybe be productive with something in your life.

This is the way I felt. I went on with my life doing volunteer work and going to exercise classes. It made me feel good about myself.

My hobby is elephants! I research them, read about them, and study them. They are amazing!
It is good to have down time and to be busy.
Be happy.

RN retiring
by: Lindy Texas

Same thing! 6 months in! 44 years also! And it is different! But so good!

You can actually get rested and have a 2nd cup of coffee! ( or tea!)

Have time to figure out what you might enjoy and have new adventures, although limited by covid for now.

Blessings on your new life!

Would enjoy communicating should you wish.


Words to guide you
by: Jane/Texas

We will never be remembered by words, but by our kind deeds.

Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breaths away.

It's not what you gather, but what you scatter. That tells what kind of life you have lived.

Your retirement is something only you can decide anything about. You may change your mind several times over the span of it. My mother did, her sister, and even my grandmother.

The main thing to remember is you will find what you seek. Look for what makes you feel full filled. You are in charge. Claim it.

On my page, I have several blogs that talk about what to do with your retirement. This is the site to explore your questions, your interests, and a smile or two along the way.

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