Rock and Roll

by Richard Adcock
(Independence mo usa)

I've Been playing guitar for about 30 years. I was never in a band. It's more of a hobby, I enjoy music.

I started playing keyboard 2 years ago. I taught myself how to play guitar and teaching myself keyboard. I'm thinking of taking up drums.

I'll never be a Eddie Van Halen or Elton John. I just enjoy music use your brain it helps as you age.

I wrote to books on poetry. I have trouble with grammer at times but I don't let it stop me. My daughter helps me with editing.

My biggest fear is retiring and doing nothing.

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Christian Contemporary Music
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

My husband plays at several different churches -- on Sunday mornings and other times during the week.

Terry cannot read music, plays by ear, and kinda memorizes each song. That doesn't matter at all -- he has this gift of music -- churches welcome his guitar playing for over 20 years now.

It all started with one church. Became many. He has many musician friends from over the years. Often is invited to play at Christmas concerts, summer concerts at festivals, and more through his connections with musicians.

All volunteer, though some churches do pay their musicians. All good for his mental well-being and I encourage him keeping busy in this way!

Rock and Roll
by: Anonymous

I ve played since 1970, never in a band and never in front of people. Music soothes my soul.

I played piano as a kid and was able to read music pretty well. I’ve been wanting to relearn as I now have time.

Spend my days of retirement going through papers, cleaning, reading, seeing friends, exercising, gardening, playing guitar, and watching YouTube /Netflix documentaries. The days for me seem to fly!

Long live rock and roll!

Good luck to you. I hope you find lots to do. ( Look at Coursera..internet learning forum.)

Wow! Two books! That’s quite an accomplishment!

Doing nothing
by: Ike

Hi.. Your greatest fear of doing nothing can be real. I have plenty to do since I retired 4 years ago.. but nothing that makes me feel worthwhile.

I volunteer.. cut trees and grass and read and go to socials etc. so am busy...... but... nothing that fulfills me and makes me feel worthwhile.. still struggling.. hang in there.. hope you find your groove.

Music in retirement
by: Sherry/ NC

WOW, you have a gift for music. You will be happy in retirement because you can practice and play your music whenever you want.

I love music also, but cannot carry a tune. I am happy for you.

Rock and Roll
by: Dean/Nashville

Richard, good for you! Music definitely keeps your brain active and I am sure it does a lot of other good things for your body too.

I played in several bands through high school and when I retired I decided to get back into it. I play bass and guitar and find whenever I pick up an instrument to play I experience a feeling of well being that I can't achieve any other way. As much fun as playing is I have no desire to play in a group.

Even now, 50 years later, I have no desire for the hassle of keeping a practice and playing schedule straight and schlepping instruments and equipment from place to place.

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