Salesman Who Had Faith In Me


There have been times over the last few years when l have been very depressed because l retired early due to bad back, and shoulder... Not realizing then how this would affect me personally & emotionally for the next few years.

That was five years ago and so over the last few months l decided to not live like that any longer so l made a few changes in my life-style.

My young grandson recently gave me his old computer and l began learning how to use IT. The computer opened up a whole new world for me and l was so delighted.

As the days and weeks flew by my depression flew with them!

l felt deep down that l wanted to get back to work, part time only ~~ l applied for several postings l found on the computer and was granted 3 interviews, and 3 positions!

Community nursing was my goal and decided to go for it. l didn't have a car so l began a quest to find 1. Something not too expensive but very reliable, so back to the computer to see what was available in my price range. There were several to choose from, so l called the dealership and spoke with the sales manager. Pleasant young fellow who seemed to know exactly what l needed.

Just came in off the truck, he said, come have look and tell me what you think? 2008 silver automatic in super condition; just like new, couldn't believe it. Explained my situation to him, no problem, come speak to my finance manager. I'm now driving that same car and loving it.

64 years old and back working and driving, something l had been thinking about for a long time, but you know what, it is nice to sit and think about what you want from this life, especially when were are in our 60's, however thinking doesn't get you what you want, you have TO DO.

Hopefully, between work and volunteering and yes playing, we still do that at our age and even better, I am looking forward to a lifetime of joyful moments!

Wendy: You Go Girl!

You can sit in your home, secluded, and feel sorry for your situation ---OR--- You can get out and LIVE life (whatever that is to you).

Even volunteering opens a whole new world to the stay at home retiree.... new folks to chat with, new learning opportunities, new social network.

That's exactly why I started the Home Business Workshop for Retirees... to push them, little step by little step, into action. They may decide, in the end, that a home business isn't for them, but they will take action towards a more fulfilling retirement.

I am absolutely thrilled for you, Sharyn!
Better 'n Better....

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Depresession Be Gone
by: Joe W.

Sharyn, That's a good news story! You are well on your way to conquering depression (defeat) and taking control of your own life. A word of caution-Keep an eye on your tax situation if you decide to take your Canadian Government O.A.S. pension (Old Age Security) at the age of 65.

As Wendy mentioned another option is building a home-based business where you have the opportunity to write off vehicle and/or home office small business expenses. At the same time if you incur a business loss in any one year you will have the opportunity to deduct this amount from any employment income earned in the same year. i.e. a good tax shelter. Good Luck!

If you have any questions please advise.

Joe W.

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