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Same as others, Husband issues

by Rebecca/Pennsylvania

I retired 6 years ago, I'm a young 70 and my husband retired almost 20 years ago, he's 76.

We did not meet until 15 years ago and have separated 3 times for the same reason, LAZY, no motivation, watches TV 24/7, on the computer for hours a day. I feel bad for him because he has non life threating illnesses. However, I want a life!

I live in PA but my sisters and mother live in Calif. I'm considering moving back. My sisters miss me and my mother is 89 with issues. I do have children in PA but they are grown with their own family and lives.

I think I would be happier on my own. I have a dog and other interests but I can't enjoy them watching him ROT. Sometimes I feel guilty that I feel this way but if I don't do something soon I fear I'll end up like him.

He is not affectionate and thinks I'm annoying and too happy.

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by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast


Anyone who thinks someone else is too happy -- assuming they aren't drinking (grin!) is really sad. Depressed sad, I'd guess.

Will he see a doctor?

If he got on meds, he could live a whole different life. It might be an imbalance of sorts, maybe his brain chemicals are a bit off?

So sorry... sounds miserable.

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