SBI Website cost?

by Anon

$300 a year is a lot to me... everything sounds good, but on a limited income, $300? Not sure about that...

Wendy: You are right.. $300 is a lot to anyone, let alone a retiree. BUT -- where else can you start a BUSINESS (not just another website, but a real business) for $300?

I don't know how to convince you... it's kinda a "seeing is believing" program, and until you register and see what this is all about, you might not "get it". You do have to follow a Guide, but it's been tested so thoroughly, you almost can't fail (yes, you can.. if you do things your own way, if you don't find the right keywords and all that).

I can only say that SBI websites are a E-Businesses, with an income -- and plenty of interaction from folks worldwide, depending on what your website topic is.

Retire to the Internet - I did!

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