SBI & Website traffic

I'd like to see a few examples of websites that have been created using SBI. If I had a website, how is traffic directed to it?

Wendy: If you visit my Retire to the Internet page, click on the pictures every where. They all take you to the SBI site, with many SBIers and stories on their success.

On this site, I get 20,000 visitors a month and they read 88,000 pages (March 2011) -- that's good, but I'm looking for much more this year.

I have never placed ads, never paid for traffic -- it's all organic, from search engines or links from other sites. I get found because I use SBI tools, like their brainstormer which helps me to find the perfect keywords to write about so that I am found and I get good ranking in the search engines.

Feel free to email me using the "Contact Me" link to the left... I can answer any questions you have (or comment below and continue the conversation here).

This is not a Get Rich Quick scheme -- it does take work and patience. BUT I love every minute I spend on my sites and the interactions with folks worldwide (not to mention the income!)

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