Scammer Phone Calls

by Louisewt

I do not answer my phone anymore. I get so many scammer phone calls it is unreal. I bought a phone where I can manually block phone calls.

The latest scam on the phone is that they will ask you 'can you hear me' and if you say YES they can somehow use that recorded YES as an affirmation that you agreed to have your credit card charged or something like that.

I have gotten calls from some con men who say they are from Microsoft and they called to tell me that my computer has virus's and they can fix it for a price! I have gotten the same calls over and over and have even hollered at them telling them they are scammers and they say, 'no they are not'. Liars!

I had this one scammer call me from Bristol, CT about 6 times a day. It is a robo call and they used 2-3 phone numbers. If I answered the call, there would be no one there. This was maddening to say the least. They have been blocked.

There have been calls from fake Police charities.

The only time I answer an unknown number is when I am expecting a call from someone who I don't know their phone number. Such as delivery people or doctors/hospitals.

I wish Congress would force the phone companies to block these scammers.It doesn't do any good to sign up for the do not call list. It is useless.

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Dish Network was Fined
by: Wendy,

It's actually GOOD to see they fined Dish Network with $280,000 fee for those annoying robocalls. All these calls were numbers on the Do Not Call list.


Send in complaints, they work...

Phone Scammers
by: Ken, San Diego

I always let my voicemail get the calls, then later in the day I just hit, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE etc.

On those rare occasions, when I see on the Caller ID an odd number, I pick it up! It's usually a solicitation call (even though I'm on the NO CALL LIST) or scam. I keep them on the line, answering questions that are not relevant to their questions.

Caller: "Hello My name is Martha and ..blah blah .." I reply "MARTHA! LONG TIME NO HEAR FROM ... so, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?" (and you will immediately get a CLICK (disconnected)

Also, I let them give me their spiel and then I come back to the phone and say "Oh I'm sorry, I was in the other room, can you repeat everything you said? (CLICK....)

YES I have received those IRS calls, I keep them on the line up to the point where I am supposedly going to pick up the cash cards they want...then I say "Do I send them to INDIA?) CLICK


Local Scammer Calls
by: Wendy,

Just reading these, and I am reminded of all the LOCAL looking scammers....

I am the VP of our Retiree Association, so when I get local calls, even unknown numbers, I need to answer them as I publish my phone number so help local retirees.

Well, Scammers can now make the call look like its coming from a local city, and thus, makes it feel safer -- it is not. Still a scammer, from the US or Overseas, but they just use an app to make it look like a local caller.

They are getting smarter to scam us --
We need to be smart too!

I agree that there are way too many scammers.
by: Anonymous

This is one of my pet peeves. I too, tried the 'no call' list but kept getting them. i have wireless phones and could not read the number but did have an answering service that helped. So if no one left a message i did not call back.

Awhile back I was able to get a 'Captel' phone because I am hard of hearing. It is hooked to my computer. I started getting more calls than ever but could see the numbers clearly on the screen and it also takes messages. The calls might have slacked off some but I still get them and it is still annoying.

by: Rita/California

The other day I started getting calls from a robot claiming my Apple account has a problem and I should call a number. I ignored the calls.

Then I got an email claiming to be from Apple, saying $67,00 had been charged to my account. The amount made no sense, since a 0 was missing. I ignored the email as well. I have no charges on my Visa. My son told me it was a scam and to ignore the phone calls and email.

Please beware if you get calls from Apple.

A block that works
by: Cathy C

There is a service called nomorobo that works fantastic on landlines. There is also a nomorobo app for cell phones. I have not tried it yet, but if it works as well as the landline block I will be very happy. Good luck!

Deliver us from scammers
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Louise, I am so glad to hear that others get these persistent calls. Most of mine are from scammers or people who persistently ask for donations and maybe get my name off lists I have give to annually.

My adult children gave me a new large TV for my birthday that is near my downstairs telephone which tells me right on the screen who is calling. Marvelous.

Finally put a telephone upstairs in my studio/office where i work most of the day that also tells who is calling. Whew. I find I am definitely not as patient as I should be and Caller ID had given me back some peace.

These callers are from all over the country, San Diego, NYC, Miami, Newport R.I, Michigan, Wyoming, Kentucky, Colorado, Missouri , Oregon, upper New York State, and my own state of Mass. and they never give up. I feel your pain. Blessings, Elna

Scam Calls
by: Jane/CT

I have caller ID which is on both my phones. I run a business out of my home. I have had many scam calls.

When they are out of state I do not pick up the phone. When the phone number is entered twice on the caller id I do not pick up the phone. However, it is getting harder to identify wireless calls. Scammers from a far use local wireless numbers. I must pick up the phone because it might be a client or potential client. I just hang up on the others.

Police/Fire charities
by: Freddy the Fireman/NJ

Its my understanding that the people soliciting funds over the phone, in the name of police and fire are SCAMMERS. If anything they give a few percent of what they collect to avoid being outright fraud. Please dont waste your money.

If you see an ambulance, fire truck or squad car by the side of the road, and theyre passing the hat/boot, theyre likely legit...otherwise a scam. And FYI, paid departments will typically raise money for charities or others, not for the expense of running the dept. tho volunteer departments do.

Its frustrating to see scammers using people's kindness towards police, fire, EMS.

by: Anonymous

I didn't answer my home phone unless I was expecting a call or knew the caller. Since callers were rarely those expected, got so done with anywhere from 10 to 30 calls a DAY, I had my home phone number disconnected. I had to ask myself, why was I paying phone company for these calls. Of course I'm on DNC list, which is meaningless.

by: Wendy,


First, I get junk calls on my cell phone all the time. Drives me crazyyyy! I even put that number on the DO NOT CALL list, but it hasn't helped at all.

Second, I think when you get calls from Law Enforcement, they are normally the unions calling, not the public service itself.

scam telephone calls
by: Sherry/Wilmington, NC

I have caller ID and look to see who is calling if I don't recognize who it is I don't pick up the receiver. The call goes to vm and usually they hang up; also if you use a cell phone, you don't need a home phone!! I never get a solicitor on my cell phone.

It is truly a sad when the police, highway patrol, and fire depts. have to solicit to make ends meet. I thought my taxes where there for them?!!!

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