Second Childhood: Adult Coloring Books

by Marcia
(East Stroudsburg, PA)

I recently found Adult Coloring books. I have entered my second childhood.

Bought colored pencils and pens and when I am bored or anxious, I take out my coloring book and sit quietly at my desk and color my pictures.

Sometimes it is hard to do because I have arthritis in my hand, especially the thumb, but I don't let that stop me. I am having too much fun!

The pictures are beautiful and I am proud to show them to my family.

I belong to AARP and they recently sent me an e-mail about Operation Gratitude which is writing letters to deployed troops, veterans, new recruits and/or first responders. This might be something that you might want to consider doing. You can contact AARP for more information on this program.

I am writing letters and enclosing a picture with each letter. So not only am I having fun doing the coloring, but I am sharing it with others. Hopefully it will bring a smile to their faces.

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Adult Coloring Books followup
by: Marcia/Pennsylvania

I am following up my original posting. I have found a site called Cleverpedia which gives you advice on adult coloring, offers 40 free samples of pictures from various artists, and numerous books that are available. I printed off about ten of them and am working on them as well as the two books I had bought previously.

I am happy that I discovered this activity (or should say re-discovered because I had a Mandala coloring book that I had bought a long time ago and was just sitting on my bookshelf). I go to it several times a day. My hand gets tired due to the arthritis so I do it in short periods of time but I have something to look forward to all day.

In my original article I mentioned Operation Gratitude and I hope some of you have started writing letters as well. If you knit or crochet, they also appreciate hand made items too.

by: Marcia/Pennsylvania

Thanks for all the lovely responses to my posting. I am glad if I have given people some suggestions to help pass the time. I am sure Operation Gratitude will be happy for any and all who wish to send letters. It not only keeps you busy, but it a worthwhile endeavor.

Happy coloring!

I Color Too
by: Gail/Fresno, CA

I also discovered coloring last year. It is fun. I recently bought the coolest storage container for all of my supplies. It has coloring pencils all over it. If you have a Hobby Lobby in your city, they may have one. Check it out.

Another Day
by: Elizabeth, WV

In one of the posts Operation Gratitude was mentioned, I spend my time knitting for them. The hats and scarves I make are sent to the troops, their families who wait and veteran's homes. It keeps my hands busy and gives me a sense of purpose.

I was a military spouse for over 20 years, this gives me a feeling of connection to that world. At 85 I find it difficult to reinvent myself, worked until I was 81, but finding a way to give helps.

My mind is still at 25 but the body can no longer do the things I loved, just have to find other ways.

Adult Coloring
by: Barbara/Texas

I have been coloring for the past couple of years at least. It helps me to relax and kill time. I wondered what I would do with all my coloring as it seemed like such a waste to just keep it.

I send b-day cards to my church family so last year I sent my coloring master pieces with some words to go with them. I got several compliments and felt they were not such a waste.

I like the idea of sharing with others so may look into 'Operation Gratitude' some more and try it.

Second Childhood...
by: Lisa / Canada

I smiled the whole time I read your article. What an inspiration you are to have found a hobby that brings you joy and for you to share this with deployed troops, Veterans, new recruits and first responders is fantastic!! Great idea Marcia for finding such a meaningful purpose. You are making such a wonderful difference in so many lives.


Me too!
by: Nancy

I adore coloring! I use gel pens and felt tip markers. Way too much fun. I have a lap desk and sit on the sofa and color while watching TV.

Adult Coloring Books
by: Joe W.

@Marcia, I hope that you are enjoying your second childhood.

About two years ago I attended an Adult Coloring Meetup held in Edmonton, AB Canada. I didn't know what to expect but slowly the room was filling up with different adults (singles & couples) sitting at tables about six adults to a table.

We were provided with the adult coloring books to work on. We were instructed to bring our own coloring materials but some supplies were also provided. It was a free session at a local public library but it was also very interesting to see other adults enjoying themselves talking and joking with each other at the different tables.

At the end of the session, I didn't know what I was going to do with my masterpiece. I decided to give it up to the instructor who wanted it as a sample for other sessions in the future.

So, Marcia if you get a chance find a group adult coloring book meetup. You'll probably have a lot more fun coloring with other adults instead of just coloring at home alone.

Joe W.

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