Second retirement

by Joan

I had my second hip replacement. My first one was last July. I am supposed to return to my little part time job in October but am finding myself with very mixed feelings. Now that I am feeling great I realize that taking time to work (even if it is just two shifts a week) is not something I want to do anymore.

I currently get to watch two of my six grands two days a week from 745-430. They are thirty five minutes away so it’s a long day. My daughter is a school teacher so I have summers off.

My grandson is 5 so Ella and I drop him off at school at 815 and pick him up at 245 so it’s just us girls all day. I am having such fun this year because all that horrible hip pain I have felt for the past two years is gone!

I have recently been in touch with two high school friends I haven’t hung around with in 50 years! We plan to get together monthly.

Another friend is retiring in 3 weeks, and my brother and sister-in-law are selling their house in Florida and will be staying here permanently.

We have a very active Council on Aging that offer many activities and I work the election polls a few times a year. As you can see I have lots of things available to keep me busy.

I guess I’m wondering if leaving my little part time job is the right decision. I’ve been there 5 years and they are wonderful to work for and my coworkers are great people.

I have had six surgeries in the past six years and I think I should try to enjoy this time of good health. There are projects I’d like to do in my house and many weekend sports games my grands play that I miss because of work.

Any thoughts or advice?

If you are still here Thanks for reading this long post!


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Compelling Arguments
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach


You've made compelling arguments here for not working, and I wonder why you must convince yourself.

Do you need the income? Do you need to get out of the house?

Income -- I don't know.

Getting out -- Sure sounds like you are going to have an active life, and heck, you can be lazy one day if you need to and busy the next!

You are, after all, RETIRED!

Best Wishes!

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